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When Chinese Culture Meets the Enterprise Training 中国文化走入企业培训

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When Chinese Culture Meets the Enterprise Training


By Yanyun Wang


For every company, the basic trainings are the language and skill training, then the culture training is the superstructure. The topic of culture training is an important issue in modern society. After the reform and opening-up, China’s economy develops like a rocket. The science and technology go into the world class. Service industries shows up rapidly. However, behind the rocket, there are some black holes.

Some of the scholars state that the development of China should slow down a little bit. At this moment, As the best companies in China, is there some soft power we forget to improve? The answer is yes. At the beginning, companies chase for high profit, so the inside cultural element is ignored. Nowadays, cultural training is putted up on schedule by enterprises.

In order to take a positon in the world stage, Chinese company always has a ‘Chinese characteristics’ for some reasons. As the saying goes, the traditional things is the world. So worked in a Chinese company, if the employees acquire some Chinese traditional cultures, will it be an aspect of advantage? Moreover, the traditional knowledge tell us how to be a society man and how to do in society.

Kungfu Tea, which is a very typical Cantonese folk-custom, becomes popular in the course of culture training for employees. The essential spirit of the Kungfu Tea is the sense of peace. Under the working stress and fast speed living station, urban people can not bear anymore. They need a way to set themselves free, and they are searching for a channel to speak to themselves, and most important part is they can be more efficient.

Besides, Writing, painting, Tai Ji and etc, theses kinds of Chinese traditional culture are obviously in the top 10 list of culture training. Employers and leaders are required to have long-sight views and good quality to help employee to obtain the training for the whole life.








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