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Passionate Latin in Food 为美食注入拉丁热情

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By Vicco Wu

Michelin Two Star chief Mauro Colagreco thinks the most important character for a perfect chief is passion. Mauro becomes the popular chief with his creative cuisine, Mauro’s Mirazur which is located between France and Italy is the top 50 restaurant in San Pellegrino for 5 years, and it is No.1 in France in 2014.

Since the Unico by Mauro Colagreco was opened in 2012, Mauro comes to Shanghai from time to time to find some creative ideas. The materials like vegetables, fruits and flowers are send from the organic farm in the southeast Pudong. It suits the idea of sharing and natural. Each dish is a journey to the fresh and simple.

Every time Mauro comes to Shanghai, Mauro will taste some new-opening restaurants, especially the Chinese restaurants. He will involve the ideas which he gets in the experiences into his own cuisine. Like the dumpling soup, it is a European cuisine, however, it contains Chinese dumplings, and another dish which is decorated onion with pork, is also design by a food journey.

Increasingly Chinese guests visit Unico by Mauro Colagreco, so he adds a lot of different soups to welcome them. “Some Chinese guests may feel lost when they come in, so our waiters will share and recommend the dishes, and also we will provide the picture of food.”

Mauro is very confident with his cooking skill, the dinners and cooking courses which are taken by Mauro are full of people. He believes that the chief is the main spirit for a good restaurant, but it also needs team work. “A perfect team work can ensure the quality of a restaurant.” As a fine dinning, Unico with two years experience has unique food and views. Mauro stresses that the service is important while enjoying food. “We has a whole system to train our workers.”

Mauro hopes to make more possibilities for Unico. “Unico is not just a fine dinning, it is a mixture with Lounge, bar and restaurant.”

Unico by Mauro Cologreco is created by French art director Marcelo Joulia and entrepreneur Olivier Chouvet. They plan to design a conceptual lounge with Latin and French spirits. Unico uses Latin cuisine, passionate cocktails and fashionable music to provide a vivid Latin lifestyle.

热情!”米其林二星主厨Mauro Colagreco不假思索地回答“一个优秀的厨师,什么才是最关键的品质”。作为当下最炙手可热的名厨,Mauro以他独具创意性的本土和季节性菜肴而闻名,他在法国意大利边界的餐厅Mirazur连续5年被列入圣培露“全球最佳50餐厅”,2014年度更是获得第11名,法国第1名的好成绩。

2012年在上海外滩三号开设Unico by Mauro Colagreco以来,Mauro每隔一段时间都会来上海看看,根据新季调整菜单,并搜寻一些灵感。餐厅强调菜品的原汁原味、本土食材和生态环保,80%的蔬菜、水果、鲜花和绿植均来自餐厅设在浦东南部奉贤的有机农场,反映了厨师灵感来源于土壤,慷慨分享的理念。每一道菜肴都用最简单的烹制方法和最新鲜的原料创作,带给食客一场全新的烹饪旅程。





Unico by Mauro Colagreco由阿根廷裔的法国艺术总监Marcelo Joulia和知名企业家Olivier Chouvet共同创办,他们希望将这家拉丁餐厅酒廊打造成,能引导宾客身临其境地领略一场交融拉丁精髓和法兰西风情心灵之旅的概念酒廊。Unico通过三个独特的方面展现整个热情奔放的南美风情;诱人的精致拉丁美食,激情南美鸡尾酒和动感的音乐节拍,完美地呈现出现实的拉丁生活场景。



Unico by Mauro Colagreco
Address : 2/F, THREE ON THE BUND, No.3 The Bund 3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai
Tel: +8621 5308 5399
电话:+8621 5308 5399


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