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Change Your House 家宅变变变

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I’m sure you can’t help launching when you watch the TV show Super Change in Japan. Do you want to completely change your house in the end of the year?

You will get bored and at least have no feeling of freshness as time passes by when you decorate your house even if you have a good plan because no change happens to your house, making your house which should be warm and cozy dull and insipid.

Collect sundries scattered in all corners of your house, throw away damaged sundries and classify useful ones in the boxes and cabinets to make your house clean and neat, greatly lower the possibility of hideout and dirt retention and do good to your house. You must pay attention to clear up electronic wastes. I believe many people have many electronic wastes to be cleared up in the house such as used battery, mobile phone and other electronic devices, old keyboard, mouse as well as accessories of obsolete or lost mobile phone and camera (e.g. charger). These electronic wastes contain heavy mental when they are produced, so throwing them away from your house if you don’t use them as early as possible does good to your health.

After clear up your house, let’s make some adjustments to your house so as to cater to the festivals in the end of the year. Warm tune will make your house very cheerful in winter whether it is Christmas, New Year or Spring Festival. In particular, both easterners and westerners like to use red to decorate their house in winter. For small changes, you can buy new back cushions and carpets made of wool or fur in different colors, and for big changes, you can replace your curtain, bed sheet, sofa cover, etc. You can buy some candlesticks and glass plates in red or other warm colors in the home furnishing store, and you will find these props are very useful to home to your house decoration on the festival.

If your house is big enough, you can try to move furniture such as sofa in the drawing room. Most families like to place sofa in a conventional way, but actually you can try to place your sofa with an angle of 20-30 degree to the ground and then move your tea table, carpet, etc. Such inclined layout sometimes makes your house look more layered. You can draw inferences and try to change your house in this way.

In the end, let’s talk about geomantic omen. More and more people begin to pay attention to geomancy. Let’s make our house more thriving in Year 2014 by not believing in superstition. First of all, it is said the star of wisdom will fly to the Palace

of Jade Emperor in Year 2014. This is absolutely a piece of good news to families which have a student or academician. You can place some pot plants in the center of your house and some red decorates in the center of your house to make your kid lucky during examination. In order to avoid quarrel with your family members, traffic accident, lawsuit, etc., you can place some decorates belonging to fire of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) in the southeast of your house such as red carpet so as to turn ill luck into good.





如果空间够大,可以尝试挪动一下家具的位置。比如客厅里的沙发,绝大多数家庭都喜欢中 规中矩地摆放沙发,其实可以尝试斜向地转20-30度来摆放沙发,进而对茶几、地毯等做相 应地调整,这种斜切的布局,有时会让空间的布局更有层次感。大家可以举一反三,进行尝 试。

最后,不得不跟大家谈谈风水,越来越多的人开始关注风水,我们本着科学不迷信的态度, 让家宅在2014年度变得更加兴旺。首先,据说2014年甲午马年四绿文曲星飞临中宫,这对家 中有学子或是搞学术的绝对是好消息,在居室中央摆放一些盆栽,可以生旺西绿文昌星,催 文催贵,可提升考运,同时摆放一些红色的装饰品,成木生火、火生土通关之象。而三碧禄 存凶星加临东南方,为了避免家人情绪激动生口舌是非以及交通意外、官非诉讼等,可于居 室东南方摆放五行属火的装饰,比如红色地毯,使其木生火生土,五行顺生,逢凶化吉。

By Vicco Wu 

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