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CD – A Winter’s Solstice – 1998 CD – 冬至日 – 1998年

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What a New Age! What a Christmas! If you are searching for an album as sweet as honey, capable of being your sugar for the silent night dropping, this could be a decent yet matey choice.

Starting with Keiki’s Dream, we are taken with by the harmonica sounds into the woods of somewhere near Hokkaido, where most of the romantic winter stories in Japan would use as a backdrop. We are then through the bagpipe rhythm over the snowy Scottish land, where I Saw Three Ships, drifting there to a place warm and homestead. Followed by I Saw Three Ships comes a very Muji style string music with a hint of Bach, La Nit De Nadal El Noi De La M. The album picks up classics such as It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, which perfectly suits the atmosphere of the music flow, also accompanied by a solitude guitar murmuring. You would also find peaceful pieces such as Christmas Wish and Year’s End, that are all pretty seasonal to listen. All are with Windham Hill, a recording not so well known but touches our hearts in a nifty detail.

迎新年,度圣诞!如果您在寻找一张甜美动人的音乐专辑,为即将到来的平安夜添情增意, 那么《A Winter’s Solstice》将是您的最佳选择。

随着 Keiki’s Dream 的音乐声起,我们的思绪伴着优美的口琴声来到日本北海道附近的 森林,那里曾发生过无数个浪漫的冬季故事。接着我们跟着风琴的旋律来到大雪覆盖的苏格 兰高地,在那里《我看到三只小船》缓缓驶向温暖舒适的家园,随后听到的是非常具有Muji 风格却又稍带巴赫曲风的弦乐——La Nit De Nadal El Noi De La M。这本音乐专辑精选了《It Came Upon A Midnight Clear》等诸多经典音乐,另外还配以幽寂的吉他低音,从而创造出完 美流转的音乐氛围。您还可以从中听到Christmas Wish和Year’s End等安静的曲调,这些都非 常适合在节日气息中聆听。这一切都来自于低调的Windham Hill唱片,虽然名气不大,但它 却能以精彩的细节触动您的心弦。

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