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Say Goodbye to Procrastination 如何帮助孩子摆脱拖延症?

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By Yanyun Wang

Children always have a reason to delay, and wasting hours to count A to Z stuff, leaving homeworks to tomorrow, though they can actually do today. Most of the children have these problems, so the parents push their kids to correct. Frankly, the sense of time of children related with unseemly parenting and coddling from parents.

Daniel always sleeps late in the morning, no matter how many time the alarm rings and mama calls, he can only get up until it is too late to go school. There is no time for breakfast and clearing, so his mother helps Daniel to handle all the preparing things. In fact, Daniel’s mother knows that  these ‘helping’ is not good for shaping her son, however, due to the tender love, she still willing to do. But this, indulges her son in dependency and Procrastination.

The best way to manage with this situation is encouraging the kids to control their time by themselves. For example, making a deal with the children that they will take responsibility for teacher’s punishment because of being late. So the children will recognize their errors and correct them due to selfrespect. Meanwhile, parents should not break the rule out of sympathy, otherwise the kids may doubt the value of faith.
Beside what we discuss above, it is also important to unconscious guide children to pay attention on a certain thing. Some kids have very high efficiency, but some of them are not. More than half of the parents think that their children can’t do their homeworks because of lack of concentration in class. But no. Try to take a closer look at your child whether they are really fully concentrate on their study. Actually they walk out of room for a drink, for bathroom, for little chatting with parents several times. Under this condition, the children have few time to study, while they waste two thirds of time to do unrelated things.One of my friend salves this issue in a quite smart way. At night, he took out a new stopwatch and said to his son,”do you know how to use it?”Of course, his son didn’t know. So my friend continued,”I teach you how to use it, and then you take this to count your time for homeworks, OK?” Then his son rushed to his room immediately. After a while, the kid said with proud,”Dad, look, 20 minutes! Read a magazine, dad, I will count.”As you can see, my friend already get his intention. His son takes 20 minutes rather then 1 hour as usual, that means the rest time is unrelated and have no sense. This case may help parents know how important their right guide is.

Sometimes, parents make orders like ‘Study half an hour more’,’Read ten minutes more’to force their kids to learn when they are parenting. But for kids, there is only mind wandering left, and their attention is on time not books anymore. Parents should keep the balance between quality and quantity. Time management is one of the major points in family education. Helping children understand the value of time should be on the parenting list.





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