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Pure Heroine Lorde, Indie-pop 独立流行音乐

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By Yanyun Wang

A great Grammy, a 16 years old genius musician, an indie-pop album <Pure Heroine>, and a 7-week champion single <Royals>, which contributed to a baptism for your ears. Lorde, a pop singer from New Zealand shocked the entire landscape of music in the end of 2013. Lorde’s Royals won the song of the year and best pop solo performance which competed with some famous singers, such as Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake. As a young new singer, she made a difference.

<Pure Heroine> focuses on vocal and melody, which may make the audience think about another singer, Lana Del Rey. But compared with Lana, Lorde’s voice is clearer and smarter. The concept of the melody is easy to  catch people’s heart and stand out of the mass popular culture. Audience can feel the ambitious in the arrangements step by step, however in order to keep balance, the lyrics in this album actually tell inside feelings in real life, such as <400 lux> and <Royals>. <Pure Heroine> will not be a flash in a pan, it will influent audience’s taste of music in 2014. <Pure Heroine> can be a very good company while driving, relaxing and eating.

Recommendation: 400 Lux, Royals, Team, Glory and Gore

一场盛大的格莱美,一位16岁的天才音乐人,一张indie-pop专辑《Pure Heroine》,一首Billboard蝉联7周冠军单曲《Royals》,只为一次双耳的洗礼。来自新西兰的女歌手Lorde在2013年年底震惊全乐坛,在第56届格莱美颁奖典礼中,打败Bruno Mars,Katy Perry,Justin Timberlake等一众乐坛天王天后,夺得年度最佳歌手奖,作为新人,实属难得。

《Pure Heroine》是以突出人声和旋律为主的专辑,风格近似红极一时的Lana Del Rey,但Lorde的声线更显清新和灵动。整张专辑旋律流畅近人又不落俗套,编曲都相当宏大,层次分明,但与编曲相互补的是歌曲本身叙述的却不是带有沉重负担的大思想,反而是贴近生活的小概念,《400 lux》和《Royals》两首尤为显著。《Pure Heroine》绝非一夜爆红的“昙花”,整个2014年都将持续刮“Lorde风”。无论是奔驰在高速公路上,还是悠闲地躺在阳台,亦或是享受欢乐的家庭聚餐,《Pure Heroine》都会带来难以想象的奇迹。

推荐歌曲:400 Lux, Royals, Team, Glory and Gore

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