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Transformers’ Return! 变形金刚回来了!

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By Jack.F

“More than meets the eyes”. Its time for another reunion for post-80’s. The Transformers 4, not only bring you the excitement and visual impact in this summer. Shooting in Hong Kong will absolutely showed the movie maker’s intention for targeting the China market.

Let’s keep our focus back to the cars. After looking at the car lists, seemed that a bit less US brands are used this time. Let’s look at the Bumble Bee for start.

“More than meets the eyes”。变形金刚第四集于暑假上映,80后又可以借故聚首一番想当年。相信这一集又会带来不少兴奋和视觉刺激。在香港取景也看出制作人对中国市场的重视和意图。


Chevrolet Camaro 2014
Yes, this is the Bumble Bee, I believe we all are well accepted with this Bee (what if the movie to keep the retro Beetle as Bee?) The entry level of this Bee’s heart is a V6 3.6L engine, with 323 hp and the ability to accelerate from 0-100km within 5.9 seconds. It also got a V8 6.2L option which has 580 hps and the 0-100km sprint just takes 3.9 seconds.

For other cars, you might notice that the brands of the super cars used in this episode have been also seen in “Need for Speed”.

是的,这就是大黄蜂。相信大家都已经接受这只黄蜂了。(假如制作人把原著的甲壳虫车型保留的话,会有什么效果?)这入门级的蜜蜂的心脏的是一台V6 3.6L发动机,拥有323匹马力和能够在5.9秒内完成0-100公里加速的能力。 还有另外更猛的选择,V8 6.2L发动机配580匹马力,0-100公里的暴走只需要3.9秒。



Chevrolet-Camaro_1LE_2014_3       Chevrolet-Camaro_1LE_2014_2


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