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品味自然 Tasting The Nature

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Nowadays, people’s diet all depends on nature given in ancient times. Because of the variety of food, people always inedible by mistake.Gradually, people realize that some ingredients aretoxic, some ingredient can cure us of the disease, and some ingredients stewed with others can make people
full of vitality. Nowadays, developed medical science can cure most of the cases, people begin to worry about the effects about the drug. The characteristics of purenatural, gentle herbal cuisine become a trend again.

We can adjust our diet to balance the energy inside our body. The dishes with winter characteristics not only make people has a good appetite, but also help to stimulate the circulation of blood to resist the cold.There are variety ingredients can be used, such as yam,red bean, red dates and so on.Those ingredients can be bought everywhere, and be used as medicines or foods.Almost every chinese family use these ingredients for making soup. In order to promote the effect of the diet,sometimes, you can also add a few Chinese herbal medicines, such as angelica poria, and so on. Some expensive ingredients added in herbal cuisine must be the top grade, such as Cordyceps, ginseng and so on.Soup srewed by these ingredients is nourishing, which
has the best effect.

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