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揭秘小径湾魅力 ——专访惠州艾美酒店市场销售总监于娜 Interview with Director of Sales & Marketing of Le Meridien Huizhou

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3.Exterior Day Shot 酒店外观-白天

Q: 惠州艾美酒店坐落于小径湾铂金沙滩上,在地理位置上享有什么优势?

A:酒店拥有绝佳的地理位置—除了拥揽南中国海的壮阔美景,交通十分便利,距离深圳市中心仅需约 1 小时车程,距离惠州高铁南站和惠东高铁站约 30 分 钟车程。精致的环球文化与当地海洋特色灵动邂逅,展现独特的迷人风情。

Q: 面对会议型酒店与日俱增的激烈竞争,你觉得贵酒店在哪些方面具备突出的优势?

A:惠州艾美酒店作为一家全新的海滨 酒店,得天独厚的自然条件为我们的会议型活动客户和休闲宾客提供了无限灵感 – 酒店拥有总面积达 2268 平米的会议及活动。同时,宴会厅前室连通 800 平米宽阔草坪及铂金沙滩,让各类产品发布会、婚礼等活动更具格调。酒店拥有 297 间宽敞的客房及套房,客房面 积均在 66 平米之上,每一间都配有可私享壮阔海景的独立阳台。此外,房内还配有高速无线网络和 55 英寸的网络电视, 并且提供运动感应游戏和 3D 电影此外。

Q: 临近春节,你有什么特别想和读者分享?

A:从新闻和报告中我们了解到,一些城市的污染越来越严重。非常庆幸的是,惠州的空气质量在中国始终位居前 5 名。亚热带海洋气候令惠州拥有迷人的自然风光,即使在冬日,你也可以在小径湾轻松享受沙滩和壮丽景致。开启探索之旅, 惠州是你绝佳的度假之所。欢迎你前来小径湾焕发活力,拥抱新年!

Q: Located on platinum beach of Xiaojing Bay, what can Le Meridien Huizhou benefit from its location?

A: The hotel enjoys an ideal location – besides its breathtaking views over the South China Sea, the hotel is approximately one hour driving from downtown Shenzhen and both Huizhou South High-speed Railway station and Huizhou East Railway station are within 30 minutes driving. It’s a destination where ocean avor meets modern sophistications.

Q: Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the industry of the MICE hotel, which areas do you think that Le Meridien Huizhou has a more prominent performance?

A: The surroundings inspire creative ideas for meeting planners as well as relaxation for leisure guests. Le

Meridien Huizhou boasts not only 2,268 sqm of event space, but also amazing outdoor venues including the lawns, the beaches and terraces that will inspire meetings and activities in style. Minimum from 66 sqm in room size, each of our 297 rooms and suites features a private balcony and stunning ocean view. State-of-the-art technology, including wireless High Speed Internet Access and 55-inch IPTVs with motion sensing games and 3D movies.

Q: The Spring Festival is approaching, do you have anything to share with our readers?

A: As all of us noticed from news and reports, the pollution in some cities is getting serious. We are very lucky that Huizhou has been listed among the top 5 cities with best air quality in China. With its sub- tropical climate which allows our guests to enjoy the beach in this winter day, Huizhou is de nitely an ideal

destination to unlock a holiday of discovery. Come refresh yourselves and embrace the new year at Xiaojing Bay!

Le Meridien Huizhou Address: No.1 Xiaojing Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong

Tel: +86752 555 6000

惠州艾美酒店 地址:广东惠州小径湾 1 号

电话:+86752 555 6000


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