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Splendid Culture Beautiful Inheritance To Find Out The City of Worlf Cultural Heritage 灿烂文化 美之传承 世界文化遗产之城寻芳记

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The splendid history and culture are the wealth left by our ancestors. The amounts of the world cultural heritage can not only show the depth of cultural diversity in an area or country, but also once the world’s intangible cultural heritage as the world’s attention, so as to protect and inherit. Nowadays, the intangible cultural heritage has become a worldwide topic. People have their own ways and characteristics to protect and heritage culture in all regions. In this period, we will appreciate these countries’ different cultural characteristics and local customs. Today, as a historical carrier, cultural relics, historical sites and cultural resources have gradually become one of the important tools for us to understand the history and culture. Protection of historical culture has not only become a sustainable development industry, but also been a worldwide topic. After human beings have created amounts of miracle on our ancient and beautiful earth, we need to inherit the culture as precious wealth, which is also a tribute to our ancestors who were rich of ability and cleverness. This term let us to go to some countries with brilliant achievements and to find out that how those countries protect and inherit the cultural heritage, in order to integrate its into life and the modern culture.


Embrace Natural Wild Africa
狂野非洲 拥抱自然
On the prairie running creatures feel from the natural ecological protection zone to the vast wilderness, magnificent landscape from the animal to the plant landscape, perhaps this is our impression of africa. When we walked into this land, for here the original nature of admiration, and its wild beauty also fascinate us.


Walk into The Golden City South Africa
走进黄金之城 南非

Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and vineyards, where the iconic mountains stretch out. There are bustling city, delicious meat, sea crayfish, springbok salmon and the hometown of wine, which you can’t miss if you come to Africa. South Africa, which is known as the Golden City. While Johannesburg, the largest city of South Africa, is not only economic center of South Africa, but also the world’s largest producer of gold. When entering the city, we will be crazy about its prosperous, mistakenly thinking it as a city of Europe, which is a bit different from our imagination of Africa. However, the harmonious integration of the modern city and the ancient primitive nature has brought us something not the same as the African reverie.


The Heart of Africa Imaginative Kenya
非洲之心 奇妙肯尼亚

To communicate with nature, deeply contact with the most original ecological feeling, you had to come to visit Kenya. The most famous issue is to watch the annual migration of animals. You can not forget the magnificent scene. Although animals always fight between life and death, there are about four hundred thousand wildebeest was born before the rainy season at the same time, which will add active emotion into your arduous journey.Located between Kenya and Tanzania, Amboseli National Park is the most suitable region for driving. Here is one of the small protected area been known as herds of elephants, Acacia and Kilimanjaro. Entering the protected area, you will luckily see crowds of elephant moving slowly. To closely contact is a very rare opportunity.


The Paradise of Hikers The Gates Of Hell
徒步者的天堂 地狱之门

Hell Gate National Park is located in the south of Kenya Lake Naivasha Africa, the west north of Capital Nairobi. Several famous movies had a shooting here. The most classic example is 007 series, which left global audiences a deep impression. Hell Gate Canyo is m the main attraction here, because of the jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and racines and gullies criss-cross. It is very dangerous to walk here in the rainy season with the suddenly rising water between the narrow channel, so it will be closed in the case of rain. You can enjoy watching zebra, wildebeest, giraffe in this only one allowing walking or riding wild life refuge. You will reach the nearby canyon riding about 7 kilomeeters, if you rent a bike in the entrance of Elsa.
地狱之门国家公园位于非洲国家肯尼亚纳瓦沙湖的南部,首都内罗毕的西北部。“地狱之门”国家公园不仅在于它令人几乎有些震慑的名字,也因为它曾经是几部著名电影的取景之地,最经典的莫过于007 系列,给全球观众都留下了深刻的印象。地狱之门峡谷是这里最主要的景点,因怪石嶙峋、沟壑纵横闻名于世,雨季在峡谷徒步会很危险,雨水在狭窄的通道骤升,所以一般遇雨天会封闭。公园内可以观赏到斑马、长颈鹿、角马这类的动物,是人们唯一可以步行或者骑行的野生保护区。


Much aid from the community, individual orgovernment has helped Africa’s infrastructure,education for a long time. Even skin care brands have also played a positive role about world peace and caring for women around the world. For example, supported by L’OCCITANE, “Burkina Faso Equal Trade Relations” charity project is a long-term charity project to support and help African women gain economic and independent. L’OCCITANE directly cooperate with local women in Africa Burkina Faso to purchase their production of shea butter to promote local economicdevelopment, educational level, economic status and social status.


Listen to The Story of Adnyamathanha in The Dream Time
梦中时光 聆听阿亚曼塔哈人的故事

It is Australia, a country with not only the most natural scenery, but also the oldest culture all over the world. Since 1974, Australia has become a member of the UNESCO World Heritage committee, this country attract tourists around the world come to visit to feel the amazement taken from the ancient culture and monuments.

澳大利亚,不仅拥有最纯正天然的自然风光,更留存着世界上最古老的文化,在1974 年时成为联合国教科文组织世界遗产委员会成员国。每年都吸引着世界各地的旅者来此游玩,感受古老文化、古老遗迹带给我们的震感与惊喜。

Uluru of Australia 澳大利亚之乌鲁鲁

We drove to the road along the red center of sacred places – Uluru, where was known as Ayers Rock, located in the red center of Australia. It is not only included in the world heritage list, but also the most iconic symbol of Australia. When we come to the presence of Uluru, we find that the nature of the creation of the immortal magic, and their appearance is increasingly small. Uluru has quietly set in this open desert for thousands of years, the towering rock stand on the ground, looking up from the bottom, we can not help feeling awe. When night is falling, with the starry sky, listen to the daydream legend from Gauss. Then we continue drive along the South Australia Road, across the Flinders Ranges. You can go there to watch the aboriginal rock art, and listen to the story of Adnyamathanha around the campfire. Finally, you can go to Grampians located in the Vitoria, to come to Kakadu National Park, where 60 rock art appreciations lies. This journey is called “Natures Way”.
我们沿着红色中心大道驱车前往神圣地点—— 乌鲁鲁,这里又被称之为艾尔斯巨石,它位于澳大利亚红土中心,不仅被列入世界遗产名录,也是澳大利亚最具标志性的符号。当我们来到乌鲁鲁的面前,会发现大自然创造的不朽神奇,而自己显得愈发的渺小。乌鲁鲁静静地树立在这片坦荡的沙漠之中已有数千年了,这块巨石突兀地自地平线而起,自下而上仰望,不禁让我们对此产生敬畏的感觉。当夜幕降临时,伴着繁星点点的夜空,倾听着来自高斯深坑彗星坑周围的白日梦传奇,好不自在。然后我们将继续沿着南澳大利亚环路,穿过福林德斯山脉,去那里观看原住民岩石艺术,到了夜晚便在篝火旁聆听阿亚曼塔哈人的故事。最后前行至维多利亚的格兰屏山,来到卡卡杜国家公园,可以欣赏这里坐落着的60 个岩石艺术点。这一程旅途都被称之为“ 自然之路”。


Kakadu National Park To Explore The Original Inhabitants
卡卡杜国家公园 探寻土著艺术发源地

Getting into Kakadu National Park to explore the aboriginal Anand ancient family footprint. They are the traditional guardians of Uluru, who believed that the landscape was created by their ancestors at the beginning of the long history, since they protecting the sacred land. In Kakadu National Park which was included in the world heritage list, we can also visit the mysterious rock art gallery, which show us the rock paintings describing the vivid record of life at that time. There are also some other monuments, such as rock art, residence, stone tools, stones, ceremonial ochre, from which, we can clearly understand the story of “dream time”.


Rock Art of Uluru Discover The Mystery of Ancient Art and Create Life with Wisdom
乌鲁鲁岩画 发现古代艺术的神秘,用智慧创造生活

The Rock Art of Uluru is known as one of the most ancient murals. The most ancient rock paintings of Anangu preserved in the caves can date back about ten thousand years ago, which were weathered from stones. Rock Art painted by the indigenous with ochre and charcoal believed as the holy land and ritual by indigenous people. Although modern people are guessing whether these rock paintings were connected with alien, not matter what kind of speculation, thismagnificent Uluru in front of us is still regarded as the close contacting between man and nature, the holy place of worship and ancestor worship as well. So it is protected strictly by the local soil an government. Nowadays, more artists or folk artists are based on this culture, which extend a variety of local art works, handicrafts, and so on. To understand the origin of culture and history better, you can visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre. Besides enjoying the Alice Springs Aboriginal artists work, you can also know more about the Anand ancient clan generations creed “Aboriginal genesis legend”. Around the museum or art gallery, there are several painting studios to show us how to express the local cultural history through art form, in order to understand the “dream time”. It is sure that you can also do homemade before bringing your original works to hometown as souvenirs.

Best Route to Uluru

Uluru is about 460 kilometers away from the Alice Spring driving for about sixhours. Many tour ists plan to drive to Uluru. Driving along the northern territory ofthe famous red earth road to visit the inland areas of Australia. This route will showyou several main attractions of northern Australia, including Alice Spring, Uluru, Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon and West MacDonnell Ranges. Another luxury travel route is to take the Ghan train to the red center of Australia starting from Adelaide and then arriving at Alice Spring. By the way, you can take the bus to have a tour in Uluru. The surrounding attractions are also worth a visit here. Australia’s red centre is not only rare in the history of mankind, many rare plant and animal stay here as home. Kings Canyon is another wonderful place, only three hours away from Uluru. Here are sandstone walls erected from the ground, waterfall from the sky, and the vast expanse of the desert. To walk on the edge of the canyon, you can see the weathered dome and the garden of eden in the lost city. To record these beauty, besides artillery guns, easy battle, you can take easy, such as the use of Osmo Mobile. You will find it’s interesting to shoot panoramic photos among friends, short video in 10 seconds, or open the following function to take intelligent pets and any other new tricks.
乌鲁鲁距离爱丽丝泉约460 公里,车程约六小时。许多游客选择自驾游,沿北领地著名的红土中心路行驶,去探访澳大利亚的内陆地区。经过这条路线可以参观北领地的许多主要景点,包括爱丽丝泉、乌鲁鲁,瓦塔卡国家公园,国王峡谷和西麦克唐纳山脉。另一种舒适豪华的澳大利亚红土中心旅行方案则是搭乘汗号列车,列车从阿德莱德出发,到达达尔文,中途在爱丽丝泉停留,顺便可以乘长途汽车去乌鲁鲁观光。而在这里,周边景点也很值得一看呢!澳大利亚的红土中心不仅为人类历史所罕见,许多稀有的植物和动物也只在这里安家。国王峡谷是另一处奇妙之地,距离乌鲁鲁只有三个小时的路程,这里砂岩墙壁拔地而起,瀑布飞流直下,还有一望无际的沙漠。走在峡谷边缘,可以望见失落的城市那风化圆顶和伊甸园。记录这些美景,除了长枪大炮,你也可以轻松上阵,比如用Osmo Mobile,你将会发现是一件有意思的事情,配合朋友圈拍摄全景照片,或者是十秒短视频,又或者开启智能跟随功能跟拍宠物,无论怎么拍都能玩出新花样。


The Beauty of Handmade in Yunnan
云南 手工之美的传承

is the most familiar place for us. Those intangible cultural heritage left by the minorities for generations is one of the reasons for attracting people around the world to come here for travel. For example, handmade textiles of Yunnan Lugu Lake, handicraft of Y u x i Yunnan, paper-cut, paintings, and any other art treasures. Let us stop here to meet them.


Mosuo The Daughter Country in The Eastern
摩梭人 东方的女儿国

When we arrive at Kunming airport, we could not wait to see the minority of Yunnan. After a long journey, we came to prosperous Lijiang, where was regarded as a starting point of our journey of discover the intangible cultural heritage. There are nearly 40 thousands of Mosuo people stay beside the Lugu Lake. You may have used to regard the local people as Mosuo, in fact they are Naxim in the first national recognition, after the establishment of new China. Mosuo people have their own language but no words. Under the impact of their Daba culture, they believe in Tibetan buddhism. Mosuo is the only one matriatchal society in China, so it is called as the daughter country in the eastern. When we felt tired on the way of day and night, Lugu Lake has quietly appeared beside us, suddenly going to the front of the mountain. You will feel relax and refresh, and everything will be worth it. Lugu Lake’s main theme is silence. You can stand along the lake with the gust of wind. With the distant and lingering songs, and wisps of shade, clear as a mirror of lake, reflecting the mountains, people live in the mountain are filled with passion to greet the guest. In the legend of the Mosuo people, Lugu Lake is consisted with tears of goddess, filled with gentle, calm and original moved. People here seem like the landscape, being full of warmth and tolerance, which moved us.
当我们达到昆明机场时,也许早已迫不及待地想一睹云南少数民族的风采。经过长途跋涉,我们来到相对繁华著名的丽江,以这里为中心起点,去往我们想要去发现的那些非遗文化。在泸沽湖畔聚居着将近4 万人口的摩梭人,大家可能都习惯性地把这里的当地人归为摩梭族,其实自新中国成立后,国家在第一次民族识别中,将云南泸沽湖畔的摩梭人识别为纳西族,而不是摩梭族。摩梭人有自己的母语摩梭语,但是没有自己的文字,其文化为达巴文化,信奉藏传佛教。摩梭人是中国唯一仍存在的母系氏族社会,因此被称为东方的女儿国。当我们披星戴月地赶路,感到疲倦不堪时,泸沽湖已悄然出现在我们身边,突然走到山前,眼前开阔的一切都让你顿时散去了任何烦恼与疲惫,一切都会觉得值得。静,是泸沽湖的主旋律,站在湖边,只有山风一阵又一阵。不知从何处,歌声飘来,深沉悠远而缠绵,一缕缕凉荫,贴着湖面飘来。清澈如镜的湖水,映射出远处的青山,而大山深处的人们又都洋溢着内心的热情,招呼着远道而来的客人。在摩梭人的传说里,泸沽湖水是格姆女神的眼泪所汇成,充满了温柔、平静与原始的感动,而这里的人和这山水一样,也充满了温暖与包容,无不令之动容。

The Mosuo Manual Textile Woven The Temperature of Clothes
摩梭手工纺织 织出衣物的温度

fabric. For hundreds of years, they used cotton thread, after several tedious process to weave a variety of wonderful clothes. The manual textile mainly concentrated in the Walla village, in which the Mosuo Manual Textile has been inheriting and carrying forward. There are not only the training class opened in the village, the penetration rate is high enough for every family to be engaged in manual textile. More than two people master the technology of Mosuo textile in each family. In Walla village, people use linen only to sew Mosuo dress. Today, with the development and progress of society, textile technology and materials have been greatly improved. Wool, hemp, spinning, scarves, shawls, skirts products, were loved by tourists in the tourism market. Some of the products are exported to Kunming, Beijing, Japan and other countries and regions, including some collected by local and foreign museum. At the same time, this technique has also been named in the heritage protection list to let more people know her colorful beauty.

protection of intangible cultural heritagein China, many enterprises and brands join in with a responsibility to serve the society. For example, JALA cooperated with United Nations Development to open “China Sustainable Minority Cultural Industry Development Projects”. Another example is Shu Uemura, which connected design and configuration process. All these make the geographical and cultural characteristics of ethnic in various forms of dissemination, but also to protect the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities.

在对中国非遗文化的传承与保护中,许多企业以及各类品牌也带着一种责任与回馈社会的心加入其中。例如伽蓝集团JALA 与联合国开发计划署UNDP 合作的开启的”中国少数民族文化产业可持续性发展项目”,又比如彩妆品牌植村秀,利用核心产品的外形设计与景泰蓝工艺制作的跨界合作,等等这些都让民族特色的地域文化以各种形式得以传播,同时也旨在保护少数民族的文化遗产。


Traditional Festivals Turn Mountain Festival
传统节日 转山节
We can go there on 25th day of July of Chinese lunar calendar. Because there will be a grand festival, which began in the Tang Dynasty, dating back more than one thousand years. People dressed themselves in festive costumes to the Graham Goddess Piedmont Mountain, where was believed as the god by local people. People will come up with the hanging horse flag and colorful flags, pay tribute to pray for good weather and achieve good wishes.


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