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Perfect Combination of Classical Fuzhou Cuisine and Cantonese Dim Sum—— New Arrival of Taifu Restaurant


福州泰禾凯宾斯基酒店中餐厨师在泰福酒楼推出多道创意茶点,将粤式茶点别出心裁地结合福州本地特色,心意满满,不负您忙碌间隙的午餐时光。精选多种海产、肉类等珍贵食材,煨于一坛,以慢火煨制数小时……. 在我国最高规格的国宴上,闽菜之首“佛跳墙”常用来款待来华贵宾和国家元首。大厨将“佛跳墙”与粤式茶点特色相结合,创意制作“佛跳墙小笼包”,皮薄馅足,既有共同的荤香,又保持各自的特色,瞬间征服味蕾。

Master Chef at Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou creatively launches a series of dim sum combined with the features of Fuzhou local desserts. Many courses with features in local favours such as rice cake braised with Minjiang River yellow croakers, fried razor clam with rock tea and steamed radish cake are also launched in order to offer guests a new experience. “Dim Sum” is originated from the culture of morning tea culture in Guangdong Province. On every weekend or holiday, there are many people gathering at teahouse to enjoy morning tea, which is a leisure and joyful relax for Cantonese people.


Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou - Taifu - 1128155





Taifu Restaurant is located on Floor 2 at Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou.

  • Monday to Friday 11:30-14:00, RMB 128/person
  • Saturday to Sunday 10:30-14:00, RMB 138/person


预订及咨询敬请联系:+86591 8899 9988转泰福酒楼

Tel: +86591 8899 9988 ext Taifu Restaurant

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