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Freaks? 怪胎?

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Many of the cars are extremely sexy and many of us are deeply attracted at first sight. However, there are many “special” cars which not everyone loves. Many people would think that the car we talk about below looks strange. But I believe many would share my view and love it, especially the special editions!

Nissan Juke
The name “Juke” linked to juke-box, a coin-operated music playing machine. Juke is a mini SUV. This model has been launched in the market for a while, during our recent visit to Tokyo, we saw many of it on the street. Maybe you just think it is not good-looking. Well, then have a look at other editions.

Juke Nismo
From the in-house performance division of Nissan, Juke Nismo comes with race-track design and enhanced performance. The engine lies inside is the modified version of Nissan’s acclaimed 1.6-litre direct-injection turbocharged engine. Also the bespoke aerodynamics package and revised chassis design will give an premier driving experience. Two models are available, the front-wheel-drive with a six-speed manual transmission, or opt for more fun with all-wheel drive with CVT and 7-speed manual mode. Both models come with motorsport-inspired interior and packed with innovative technology.

“Hardcore”, this is the only word came across my mind if only a single word is allowed to describe this freak. Why? Put it simple, this is a GT-R inside the cover of Juke. If you know what GT-R can do, then you would know how many cars that Juke- R dares to challenge. It is a unique concept car that combines the power, speed and handling of GT-R with the bold, exciting design of the Juke.

The unique and stylish design combined with GT-R’s 3.8-litre VR engine, drivetrain and suspension, making Juke-R the most hardcore compact crossover in the world. Flared wheel arches cover the GT-R’s 20-inch RAYS forged alloy wheels to merge with a new sculpted skirting. At the back of the car a dynamic split rear wing provides the supercar crossover with down-force, while twin pentagonal exhausts are also unforgettable. It is a force to be reckoned with not only in performance but also in its bold and menacing design.

很多汽车外表非常吸引令人一见钟情。但是也有很多车是比较“特殊的”,并不 是每个人都喜欢它。相信很多人会认为我们在下面谈论的车看起来很奇怪。但 我相信,一定会有很多志同道合的和我一样喜欢它,尤其是特别版!

“Juke”一字通常以juke-box出现, 即投币点唱机。Juke是一款小型SUV。这车型 已经在市场上推出了一段时间,我们最近到过东京,看到不少Juke在路上行 驶。或者你只是觉得它不太好看,并没有什么奇怪之处。嗯,那么我们就看看 其的他版本。

Juke Nismo
由日产自家高性能车改装部门负责,Juke Nismo拥有赛道设计和强化的性能。 发动机是日产著名的1.6升直喷式涡轮增压发动机的修改后的版本。定制的空气 动力学套件和经过改动的底盘设计也提供了最大的驾驶体验。有两种车型可供 选择,较标准的前轮驱动配备六速手动变速箱,或者追求更多驾驶乐趣,选择 轮驱动系统配置CVT/7速手动变速箱。两款车型都配备了赛车风格的内饰设 计,以及注入了不少创新的技术。

Juke-R “重口味”!如果要简单的形容这怪胎,我的脑海里只有这个词语闪过。为什 么?
简单来说,这是一辆披着Juke 车壳的GT-R。如果你知道GT-R有多强,那么你就 知道Juke-R 有资格挑战多少辆汽车。它是一辆独特的概念车,结合了GT-R的力 量、速度和操控,同时注入了Juke令人兴奋和大胆的设计元素。

GT-R的3.8升VR引擎、传动系统和悬挂系统的结合,混合在Juke独特而时尚的 设计中,在世界上的紧凑型跨界车就这样成型。喇叭形轮拱盖着GT-R的20寸 RAYS铝合金轮毂与全新造型的包围合并。车后一个动感的尾翼提供了下压力, 双五角形的排气口也令人难忘。这是一股不可忽视的力量,不仅是性能,而是 其大胆和来势汹汹的设计。

By Jack.F

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