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Movie – About time – 2013 电影-时空恋旅人-2013年

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At the age of 21, Tim Lake discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as he might’ve thought. After a lot of cunning time-traveling, he wins her heart. Tim then uses his power to create the perfect romantic proposal, to save his wedding from the worst best-man speeches, to save his best friend from professional disaster and to create a family.

Absolutely being a film with warmth and wateriness, About Time hits our softest part in heart with its delicate style of storytelling and the reveal by its theme, of what life path could actually be after all – not a memory would do. Comparing to another well know film, About Time beats Love Actually up by a real good thought out and the impeccable cast, creating an elaborate story about love, family and time. Overall, it is an intelligent film, with emotion and stridency.

21岁时,提姆·雷克发现自己可以穿越时间并改变自己过去做过的事。他决定给自己找个女 朋友,让自己的生活变得更好,却发现这并不如自己想象中那么容易。在一次次巧妙的时间 旅行后,他终于赢得了她的芳心。之后,提姆使用自己穿越时间的特殊能力打造了一次唯美 浪漫的求婚,从男傧相那糟糕无比的婚礼祝词中拯救了自己的婚姻,又帮助他的朋友避免了 工作事故,还建立了家庭。


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