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Full Diamonds Cushion 全钻靠垫

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The newly-introduced TIAMANTTI Full Diamonds Series of Shanghai Home Expo certainly offers an alternative to you for choosing winter gifts. TIAMANTTI Full Diamonds Series has been known as Collection Highlights, and for every piece, from the initial planning to the selection of fabrics, excellence and meticulous are what we seek. Especially, all kinds of fabrics are from the world’s top brands, such as from Italy, Belgium, France and Spain, ensuring excellent and aesthetic taste.

Website: www.tiamantti.com

剪刀石头布家居新推出的帝幔“全钻系列”无疑给您在这个冬季挑选礼品又多了一个选择。 帝幔“全钻系列”被誉为“镇店之宝”,每件作品从最初的规划构思,到面料的遴选,都精益 求精、一丝不苟。尤其是各类布艺面料均是世界顶级品牌,来自意大利、比利时、法国、 西班牙等国,确保优质与唯美品位。

网站: www.tiamantti.com

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