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Sofitel, the French Elegance in Chengdu 当法式优雅遇上蓉城闲适 ——访成都索菲特万达大饭店总经理许寒松

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By Vicco Wu

Sofitel Wanda Chengdu is familiar to the people who know Chengdu, however few people know the person who always runs around the Jinjiang River is Sofitel’s general manager — Hansong Xu.
Hansong Xu worked in various hotel brands, and in Year 2013, Sofitel Wanda Hotel achieved success under Xu’s lead. Xu has worked in Shangri-La Group for 16 years before joining in Sofitel. So he has deep understanding of different hotel cultures. “The target business of Shangri-La is based on Asia-Pacific area, however, Sofitel, as a French brand, its business runs all over the world.”Meanwhile, Xu thinks that every hotel has its own unique culture and position in hotel market.
At the first couple of months, Xu barely has private time. However, he got used to this cozy city when he realizes more local cultures. “Chengdu is a nice place for living”, in his eyes, Chengdu is fashionable, relaxed, cozy and developing.
Unlike the freshman at the first time, Xu starts to admire Sanxingdui Museum, Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage and other Ba-Shu cultures, while the lifestyle of “slow” is comprehended. “My life concept is changing during the understanding procedure.” After working, Xu like listening some music to ease the pressure. “You will get rid of trifles during the half hour in music world.”


What is the characteristic of Sofitel Wanda Chengdu?

Sofitel Wanda Chengdu has more than 10 years history, this is incomparable.

Sofitel Wanda Chengdu Luxury Hotel is ideally located in the centre of the city on the picturesque Jinjiang River. The 262 Luxury Rooms and Suites accommodate guests in French elegance with a subtle Chinese touch. Every detail has been attended to for an extraordinary experience from the indulgent Sofitel “MyBed” to fragrance lighting entertainment and technology.

The main guests are business customers, tourists also included. Sofitel Wanda Chengdu puts the Ba-Shu culture of three thousand years and French lifestyle into catering and services.

There are some local hotel brands in Mainland China, what are the advantages of Sofitel?

Firstly, Sofitel is a global brand, so we have branches all over the world.

Secondly, Sofitel has an international leadership team, while the leading management is able to supply in every Sofitel hotels.

Thirdly, Sofitel has a long history in hotel industry. We have already established the credibility and maturity.

Sofitel is the luxury branch in Accor, what are the representatives of luxury?

Happiness, excellent, openness are the brand spirits of Sofitel. We have designed ten brand features to show the french romance. The greeting of Sofitel ambassadors of the French art de recevoir, unique aroma, Sofitel “My Bed”, French manner, the cleaning ceremony, French, the ceremony of candle night, theme music, French dining manner and theme plant.

The luxury of Sofitel is not only about the facilities, but also our brand culture. Customers have an overall understanding and trust of Sofitel, because of the best services with our traditional culture. These are Sofitel’s brand power.

What were the achievements of Sofitel Wanda Chengdu in Year 2013, and what are the targets of this year?

We have gained more market share during the last year, from No.3 to No.2 in Chengdu hotel industry; and we have gotten very good feedback for promoting our reputation; last but not least, our team is stronger than ever.

This year, we are going to keep our market share and improve the advantage, and then strengthen the relationship with customers and reputation. At last, we aim to achieve our market plan.

What is the shortcoming of Sofitel Wanda Chengdu?

The car parking area of this hotel which has been built for almost 10 years, is not enough for present situation, and we are trying to solve this problem. Another problem is that the banquet hall needs to extend for the increasing demand of MICE market. The original hall will be rebuilt to a 1000 m2 grand hall for various requirements.

According to the date, it shows that hotel industry has some serious problems at present. What are your opinions?

It is not optimistic for China’s hotel industry, due to the economy and policy problems. Of course, Sofitel Wanda Chengdu is also under pressure. We are trying to reduce the lost via several ways. For example, we offer targeted special packages for getting potential customers, and we also show more interests on retail customers than before.

But I believe in the future of Chengdu. The numbers of business travelers are increasing these years, and the main countries and districts have the direct flights to Chengdu; meanwhile, Chengdu is important in domestic consumption, so the development of Chengdu is unlimited.

Based on the analysis, I think the occupancy will rise, but the price will decrease moderately. So this is pressure, but it is under control.

What are the most important things for a good hotel?

The first feature is reputation, which represents the whole hotel. The second feature is the double-side profit; it means service value for customers and the commercial profit for hotel.

What is the challenge during your management?

Talented person. Find them and keep them. The power of teamwork is much bigger than a person’s. So it is very important to create a fantastic team. Let the team members have confidence on you, this is the tip for keeping talented people. Sometimes, the value of brand influents more than the profit.



酒店地理位置非常优越,位于美丽的锦江河畔,占据成都市中心最繁华地段。23层的地标性建筑,以及262间精致华贵的豪华客房及套房,尽显法式优雅的浪漫设计与五星级的尊贵定制服务。每间客房均配有索菲特“My bed”概念卧具,浪凡(Lavin)高级洗浴用品,于每一个细节让人感受温馨细致的奢华。







快乐的精髓、追求卓越、开放的精神,是索菲特三大品牌价值观。为了展现索菲特的法式优雅格调,索菲特品牌设计了十个品牌放大镜,运用五大感官放大并提升客人的体验,这包括索菲特大使的法式问候、独特的品牌香薰、“My Bed我的床”概念卧具, 法式礼仪与形象、酒店店牌擦拭仪式、法式语言、夜晚的蜡烛仪式、品牌主题音乐、法式餐饮仪式、品牌主题植物——通过这些,索菲特的品牌价值得以凸显。














当然是人才。 一个是找人,另一个是怎么留住他们。一个人再有能力,也及不上团队的力量。因此,打造核心团队至关重要。让团队对自己产生信心,这样才能留住人。有时候,品牌的价值,比起利益的驱动更能够打动人。


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