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A Strong Rebound of California Property 加州地产强势回暖

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Due to the advantaged temperature and soil condition, California becomes the best place for making wine. There are also 400 chateaux in every counties in California, and most of them are in Napa and Sonoma Counties. Since the year of 2012, California property started to recover. Based on the data in 2013, the price of the real estate in California rose fastest in America, over 20% rise was much higher than the average.

Napa and Sonoma Counties: Various Investments
Hundreds of chateaux attract a lot of wine lovers, and some of them are rich people. Comparing with Napa, Sonoma is more peaceful and has a certain lifestyle which the rich wants. The real estate in these two regions is well-organized, has various design styles, and most of the house are designed by famous architects.

Napa Valley: the Demand Exceeds the Supply in the Futurenapa-valley-sign
In Napa Valley, the vineyard has great attraction for the investors. The demand of Napa vineyard is increasingly developing. Stonebridge Research has revealed that the wine industries in Napa contribute 13.3 billion dollars to the local economy, and 25.9 billion dollars for California. So in 2011, Napa Valley vineyard earned profit very well. Recently, the price of one acre of the best area in Napa is $225,000-300,000, and the price of the second-class area is $165,000.

Sonoma: Appreciation Potential & More Beautiful Views
The ancillary facility in Sonoma County is as good as in Napa Valley, even better in the nature views. Sonoma has ancient rosewood forest, mountains, fifty kilometers coastline, wonderful beach, touching sunrise, all of these make a good quality life.

The real estate in Sonoma County have recovered since 2012, and had a overall rebound in 2013. Take one unit of house as example, there is four bedrooms and at least three bathrooms. The average price rose from 117,943 dollars in 2012 to 790,403 dollars in 2013.



纳帕谷葡萄园:升值催生需求 未来供不应求
在纳帕谷,葡萄园无疑对投资者有着巨大的吸引力。由于良好的升值能力,投资者对于纳帕谷葡萄园的需求越来越大。2009年被经济危机重创后的加州,更清晰地凸显了纳帕谷的价值所在。研究机构Stonebridge Research指出,2010年纳帕葡萄与葡萄酒相关产业为当地经济贡献133亿美元,对整个加州贡献259亿美元,对全美贡献500亿美元。这一数据充分说明了纳帕谷葡萄酒业出色的盈利表现,这也使得2011年成为纳帕谷葡萄园买卖最为昌盛的一年。目前,一英亩纳帕谷最佳位置的葡萄园价格在225,000-300,000美元之间,二类区域的葡萄园价格约为每英亩165,000美元。




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