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The Rising Sun — Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing 雁栖湖上冉冉升起的太阳 —— 北京日出东方凯宾斯基酒店 访北京日出东方凯宾斯基酒店总经理Mr. Brice Péan

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473eab8e27dd3a4e00a735c328cLocated in the heart of scenic Yanqi Lake in Beijing, Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing embodies the shape of the rising sun and symbolises harmony, unity and infinity.

So, who is the leader behind this 14-square-kilometre development? He is Mr. Brice Péan, General Manager of the Yanqi Lake Kempinski complex.

Brice’s hospitality career spans 26 years, more than 13 of which were spent in senior management roles with Hilton Hotels in Vienna, Cairo, Adelaide, Fiji and Shanghai. Prior to joining Hilton Hotels in 1999, Brice held positions with Millennium Britannia in London, The Clarence in Dublin, Plaza Athénéé and Le Méridien Paris Étoile in Paris.

Let’s explore this highly anticipated new development with Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing’s General Manager Mr. Brice Péan.


The shape of Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing is very unique, what does it represent?

The front view is that of the ‘Rising Sun’ (round shape), symbolic of the fast-developing economy of China. The entrance of the hotel is shaped like the mouth of a fish, symbolizing prosperity. From a side-angle view, the hotel building is shaped like a scallop, which represents ‘Fortune’ in Chinese culture.


As I know, you have worked for the Hilton Group for several years, what do you think are the differences and features of Kempinski, compared with Hilton?

It is very difficult to compare both companies as they are very different. Kempinski is smaller and provides luxury. Hilton is a collection of different brands. Management style is very different in a company with 74 hotels as compared to Hilton with 3,600 hotels. Kempinski represents European luxury and a collection of unique individual hotels, and the DNA is something I identify myself very well with.


Yanqi Lake has special natural view, so how will Kempinski take advantage of these resources?

With magnificent views of the lake, mountains and natural gardens, plus our all-glass architecture design and ample outdoor space, we will be using this advantage to host unique weddings, meetings and conferences, as well as outdoor recreational and leisure activities for families and children.


Do you have any secrets or magic tips for hotel management? What is your main concept of management?

There is no such thing as a magic trick. It very much depends on your personality. Especially as an expat when living in a foreign country I strongly believe that being humble is the correct way. You need to listen to your people and show respect.


What is your hobby? And do you have enough leisure time to enjoy your interests?

I love to play golf and to cycle – this together with my family make me feel relaxed and happy.


Do you have too much pressure right now? And when you feel tired and stressed, what do you do usually?

You are only under pressure wherein you are not prepared. The team is well prepared and very capable, so this takes a lot of pressure off me.























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