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洲际酒店集团上海地区成功举办第七届 “华夏信财杯慈善高尔夫精英赛”The 7th HuaXia Finance Hope Classic Charity Golf 2016 by IHG Hotels Shanghai

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洲际酒店集团第七届 “ 华夏信财杯” 洲际酒店集团上海地区慈善高尔夫精英赛在上海汤臣高尔夫俱乐部完美落下帷幕,此次活动募集到的善款总计达人民币60 万元,将全部用于洲际酒店集团基金会与中国宋庆龄基金会合作发起的关于酒店专业技能培训、灾难救援、当地社区投资建设、环境保护四大重点领域的公益活动。
洲际酒店集团基金会旨在全球范围内支持具有持久社会影响力的公益项目。自2016 年2 月起,其已经为全球13 家公益组织捐款16 次,并调拨共计9 笔捐款支持灾后救援。在中国,洲际酒店集团基金会捐助了四川扶贫基金会项目,为成都低收入家庭的200 位单身母亲及失业女性提供酒店行业岗位培训,也曾捐款援助江苏盐城龙卷风和全国洪涝受灾地区的救灾工作。

The 7th HuaXia Finance Hope Classic Charity Golf by IHG Hotels Shanghai was kicked off at Shanghai Tomson Golf Club, which totally raised RMB 600,000 for IHG Foundation and focuses its activities on four key areas – helping communities develop hospitality skills, providing support for those impacted by disasters, facilitating local community investment and protecting the environment.
Since its global launch in February 2016, the IHG Foundation has made 16 grants to 13organizations around the world, and a total of 9 reactive grants to support disaster relief acrossthe globe. In China, IHG Foundation has supported Sichuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviationto fund a project providing hospitality training to 200 single mothers and unemployed women from low-income communities in Chengdu. The IHG Foundation has also supported disaster relief after the tornado in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, and flood across China this year.

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