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治愈系植物Cure Plant

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近来还有一种健康法则在欧美极其流行,那就是“5-a-day”,即每日每人要至少摄入五份(500g)不同种类的新鲜水果蔬菜来保证身体获得足够健康的营养,否则将会导致皮肤、体重、健康等一系列问题。工作繁忙的你可能无法吃到足量的新鲜果蔬,斐素可以帮到你。微博/ 微信: 斐素FSjuiceInstagram/Facebook: FSjuice

As the same time, many plants would not only play a role in cosmetics, but also have the function of diminishing inflammation or moisturizing the skin. Nowadays, medical aromatherapy clinical trials have spread including France, Australia, US…and other countries. “Aromatherapy” is no longer smell appreciate, with the characteristics of pure plant oils’ mixture, by fumigation inhalation, bathing, massage and other methods to enhance human body’s
healing power.

Recently, a new health rule called “5-a-day” became extremely popular in Europe and the United State, which claimed that everybody should eat five
portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, to ensure the nutrient intake of human body, otherwise it will cause a series of problems, such as lighter weight,
rougher skin, more unhealthy body and so on. You might not be able to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables among the busy work, FSJUICE could
solve your worry.


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