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年会盛典,不一样的精彩@ 大连新世界酒店New Year Party with Special Amazment @ New World Dalian Hotel

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Grand Ballroom 二楼大宴会厅圆桌摆台

岁末将至,一场辞旧迎新的年会盛典毫无疑问是激扬士气,展望新年的绝佳选择。选择大连新世界酒店举办年会盛典,尊享典雅的会场、先进的设备、美味的佳肴及专业的服务。我们专注于时刻为你打造个性化的礼遇和温馨难忘的体验。2016 年11 月1 日至2017 年2 月28日预定年会盛典,大连新世界酒店的宴会专家为你悉心照料一切细节,搭配定制的宴会菜单,每位仅需人民币238 元起,更有额外的礼遇及免费服务。如此心仪的年会举办之地,火热预订正在进行!请致电+86411 8807 8888 转 宴会销售部 以获得更多活动方案。

It is that time of year again!Celebrate a year of hard work and dedication with a fabulous party, look no further than New World Dalian Hotel. Stylishly
designed with all the latest technology and flexible meeting spaces, New World Dalian Hotel is set to inspire and enchant at every turn.Book your company’s annual party between 1 November 2016 and 28 February 2017,and our expert events team will ensure every detail is attended to, plus provide a host of additional benefits and complimentary services. Your colleagues will enjoy a sumptuous feast with specially tailored Chinese set lunches or dinners, from CNY238 per person. New World Dalian Hotel’s favourite venues are filling up quickly, so book now! Please
call our Event Team at + 86411 8807 8888 ext. Catering Sales.

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