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倾情推出安纳塔拉水疗情人节套餐 @ 璞丽酒店 Anantara SPA for Couples @ The PuLi Hotel & SPA

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璞麗酒店安纳塔拉水疗为情 侣们准备了象征纯真、真切、 永恒曜熠爱情的情人节专享 Spa 疗程“黄金与爱情”。DIY 黄金浴盐去角质及鎏金护肤膜为热恋中的情侣倾注一缕缕璀璨而耀眼的金色光华,丰富的海洋及花果提取物配以海盐,帮助肌肤老化角质自然脱落,抚平干燥肌肤, 守护年轻活力。备受欢迎的经典按摩芳香按摩则能在 90 分钟内将身心包裹在植物、花卉和水果的芬芳中,并借 由理疗师的双手激发出疗愈力量,从脚至头施以专业而舒缓的按摩,驱走疲累。

Anantara SPA has prepared a SPA course for couples, which is the symbol of innocence, true, eternal love called “GOLD AND LOVE FOR LOVERS”. Including DIY golden bath to exfoliate and skin care, which is a dazzling golden light poured into for couples. The rich marine and fruit extracts with sea salt will help skin’s metabolism, dry skin healing, to protect the skin from being senile. The most popular classic aromatherapy massage will give you 90 minutes’ enjoyment to wrap you physically and mentally into plants, flower and fruit fragrance. With the healing power stimulated from the hands of therapist, the professional massage will drive away your tire from top to toe.

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