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冬日焕燿,尊享冬季SPA 套餐@ 三亚喜来登度假酒店蔓达梦水疗SPA in Winter @ Sheraton Resort Hotel Sanya

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当所有的北方城市正笼罩在涩涩寒风中时,此处依然春意盎然,温润宜人,这个冬季何不坠入三亚这个室外桃源,与蔓达梦水疗一起惬意度过。三亚喜来登度假酒店蔓达梦水疗(Mandara Spa)于2016 年12 月1 日至2017 年2 月28 日期间推出全新冬季旅程“冬日焕燿”,可在30 分钟牛奶花瓣浴或草本蒸汽浴中任选一款,体验蔓达梦“水”护理带来的独特感受,随后的经典60 分钟芳香按摩则将借助高品质纯净精油,让奇妙的香薰效果将身体、精神和

When all the northern city is surounded by the cold wind. Here is still seem like Spring is. Why not fall in this pleasant outdoor place in Sanya this winter, to spend a wonderful vacation together with the Mandara SPA.Located in Sheraton Resort Hotel Sanya, Mandara SPA will launch a New Winter Journey during the period from December 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017. You can make a choice between two types of steam bath, which
includes milk bath and optional herbal steam bath, to experience the unique feeling brought by water. After that, the classic Aromatherapy massage costs 60 minutes with high-quality pure essential oils to bring wonderful aromatherapy effect, which leads to the body, mind and soul to get the best emotion.

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