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宁波威斯汀酒店新任命酒店经理 The Westin Ningbo Appointed New Hotel Manager

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宁波威斯汀酒店任命莫群浩先生为酒店经理。莫群浩先生拥有 20 多年的酒店工作经验,曾任多家酒店的市场销售总监及宁波威斯汀酒店行政助理经理,多年丰富的运营管理和市场销售经验,赋予他非凡的领导力、敏锐的市场洞察力以及对酒店市场的独到见解。上任 后将全面管理酒店市场销售部、前厅部及房务部,相信他必将把灵动创新的服务风格、细致入微的特色服务、个性化 、直觉灵动、焕发活力的核心价值观发扬极致。

The Westin Ningbo appointed Mr. Mo Qunhao as the hotel manager. Mr. Mo has an hotel working experience of 20 years, who was a former marketing director of a number of hotels and executive assistant manager in hotel Wenstin Ningbo. Rich management and marketing experience gave him extraordinary leadership,fousing on hotel market and orginal hotel market understanding. The Westin Ningbo will gain comprehensive management of sales & marketing department, the front of ce and the rooms services.We believe that he is bound to the core value of smart innovation service style, meticulous service,personalized features, instinctive, rejuvenated outlook develop acme.

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