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Amazing Picnic History 奇趣野餐史

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The beauty of any spring is unable to copy, so the best season to enjoying picnic is spring since ancient time. What do you know about the history of picnic since you love it so much?


At First, picnic was the feast of nobles. France’s earl Phelps proved us that you can’t enjoy picnic without money in HUNTING BOOK. At that time, there was a person being responsible for not only building picnic site and cooking food, but also setting drinks must be iced by mountain spring to make sure the drinks are cool enough. What is more, nobles had to make sure to eating after hunting. In that social environment, the picnic was a game between nobles, while civilians could not afford.


After the French Revolution, the noble private collection rooms and courtyards became into museums and parks. The royal gardens, which were forbidden also began to open to the public, and the popularity of bicycle made outing became possible. So picnic tended to spread among French civilians. People came to carry breads and wines to share with their friends in the park at their leisure time. At the same time, it was a wonderful opportunity for them to speak or recite poetry, which became the most fashionable activities.


At the end of the nineteenth century, picnic was no longer an exclusive entertainment belonged to nobles. People just carried baskets and prepared some buffet to enjoy a picnic with friends or family members. Subsequently, with the promoting of the pan-European Union, there tended to be an agreement between Austria and Hungarian government, that it would be a symbolic border opening of 3 hours for holding a borderless Pan-European Picnic in August 19th. Hundreds of East Germans took advantage of this short opening chance to flee toward the world of freedom. Perhaps people who carrying the food basket can rush to freedom.
19 世纪后期开始,野餐再也不是贵族专属的娱乐项目。普通百姓轻装简行,只需提上提篮,准备一些冷餐,便可伙同家人、朋友三五出游。随后,在泛欧联盟的促成下,匈奥两国政府同意在8 月19 日将一小段边境象征性地开放3 小时,举行一次无国界的“泛欧野餐”。数百位东德人趁着这次短暂的开放机会逃往自由世界。也许,提上野餐篮就可以奔向自由吧。


Nowadays, picnic becomes a fashionable and retro party once again. But the difference between now and past is that we are more likely to share recent life today. Girls spend more time making themselves up delicately, while foods’ choices depend on convenient or not. At the end of last year, Pantone had released a new series of fashionable colors, including Pale Dogwood and Flame, which were the most popular two colors this spring. It is no double that orange tinted items become the main color of this year’s picnic.

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