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Tastebuds Blossom in Spring 滋养春日的美妙味蕾绽放

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Tastebuds Blossom in Spring

Spring is the season of renewal and starting afresh, and it’s also a time when eating habits change and become a little lighter. Let us see what a Michelin-starred chef has to recommend for the new season.

Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

椰皇蟹钳花胶炖海螺 2_副本 金丝麦片龙虾球 2_副本

With the coming of spring and the change in atmosphere it brings, chefs like to renew their menus. “MAG 誌” invited Michelin-starred chef Daniel Wong to share his more than 20 years creative experience of research and innovation in the kitchen and to introduce us to two fresh, springtime dishes. He recommended coconut crab fish stew conch brimming with Cantonese soup
and honeyed grilled cod as the ideal treat to set our taste buds in bloom this spring. Daniel Wong has headed the culinary team for several years at one of the first 26 restaurants in Mainland China
to receive a star rating from the world authority on dining, the Michelin Guide. The honour was bestowed on Daniel and his team at the Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Shanghai, Pudong hotel. As a flagship of authentic Cantonese cuisine in Shanghai, the experienced chefs at Jin Xuan ChineseRestaurant spend a great deal of time combining the flavors on their menu to create an unforgettable dining experience. Chef Wong takes pride in mixing innovation and creativity with the traditional cuisine of his Cantonese forebears. He demands high quality ingredients and passion in his kitchen, and says that the key to creating authentic Cantonese cuisine is to let the true flavours of the food reveal themselves by cooking delicately. After over 20 years in the industry, Chef Wong has found nothing to change his thoughts on this simple adage for bringing a smile to his guests’ faces.
随着春季的到来,各大餐厅的主厨们都开始更新菜单。美味在诱惑着我们的味蕾,浓郁的气息在空气中散布,本期《MAG誌》邀请了拥有20 余年的实践经验,并持续专注于研究和创新创意菜单的米其林星厨黄英杰为我们献呈这道道春季大菜。他向所有钟爱米其林的美食拥趸们特别推荐融汇粤菜靓汤精华的椰皇蟹钳花胶炖海螺和蜂蜜烤鳕鱼等时令招牌菜肴,为我们带来滋养春日的美妙味蕾绽放。黄英杰多年来服务于中国大陆26 家率先入选世界美食权威地图《米其林指南》的餐厅之一,获得米其林一星餐厅荣誉的上海浦东丽思卡尔顿酒店金轩中餐厅。作为主打地道粤菜的“云端餐厅”,餐厅在各种菜单的设定上颇费心思。在这里,不同的口味偏好都被经验丰富的大厨顾及,并留下前所未有的深刻记忆。主厨黄英杰对高品质的食材几近严苛的要求与热情,以及他
对传统烹饪技艺的传承和创新,打动了无数美食爱好者挑剔的味蕾。黄师傅说:“我相信,创造原汁原味的地道粤菜的关键是通过温和的烹饪技术充分发挥食材本真的味道。在烹饪行业20 多年以来,推动我不断进取的激情永远是客人品尝我的作品后脸上洋溢的会心微笑。”

Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant
Address: L53, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong,
8 Century Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai
Tel: +8621 2020 1717
地址:上海市浦东新区世纪大道8 号 ,
电话:+8621 2020 1717

Yee Garden at Hangzhou Xixi Hotel

堂灼江鮰鱼2_副本 迎春冷菜拼盘2_副本

There is an eco-island which grows seasonal green vegetables in Xixi Hotel Hangzhou, brings the spring limited dishes to their guests. Chef David Liu selected these fresh vegetables into a 6 course set menu dinner especially to feel the bite of green spring.

The Color of Spring

Fired Fish and Prawn with Chinese Toon

Spring is also the best season to have wilds, just like the Chinese Toon. Chopping it and mix into flour, coat the fish with them, then fry into oil. Each fried fish tastes like it will melt in your mouth. The fried prawn bcovered with nori also brings the same feeling.

Spring Hot Pot (Fish soup, Fish, Vegetable)

Healthy and fresh hot pot with fish and vegetables, the fish bone soup is super delicious.

Braised Beef Brisket with Taro and Perilla
It takes 2 hours to simmer the beef brisket in a slow fire. Together with the tori which grows from the hotel’s eco-island and perilla , please open your mouth to feel the taste of spring!

Spring Wonton
The wonton skins were made of milk, pumpkin and spinach which makes you feel the color of spring. The filling inside is the pork and radish from hotel’s ecoisland.

春季的菜肴大多来自于杭州西溪宾馆内的生态岛采摘,10 亩的菜地种植者四季的时令蔬菜。本季的菜肴主厨刘治国精心挑选了岛上的现有新鲜蔬菜,加之各色调味,让食客把西溪的春天,吃进肚里。

Yee Garden @ Hangzhou Xixi Hotel
Address: No. 803,Wen Er Xi Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Tel: +86571 8539 6666
杭州西溪宾馆 逸园中餐厅
电话:+86571 8539 6666


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