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The Dreamland in Kuanzhai Alley – The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu 宽窄巷子内的桃花源-成都钓鱼台精品酒店

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There is a distinctive hotel hiding in the deep of the antique Kuanzhai Alley. She is located in flourishing urban, which is convenient in traffic, and takes only 25 minutes to go to the airport, however, she shows much more than luxury and modern. Resting in her embrace, you feels like having a time travel with Chinese beauty. Her name is the Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu (DYTCD).

DYTCD is rebuilt on dwellings which existed over 300 years, and designed by legendary French designer Bruno Moinard. The 45 diplomatic guestrooms are designed in peculiar way, thus every room has unique garden landscape and idiomatical decoration. Escaping from the over-duplicated urban life, graceful facilities inside the room give you the living experience of fashion and comfort, the dreamland outside the window shows the extremely fresh and the ingeniously elegant, moreover, it is a spiritual sanctuary for self-seeking.

Apart from comforting the spirit, the tongue is ready to taste the essence of the city of gastronomy. As the first global Diaoyutai boutique brand hotel owned by Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group, the cuisines are served by a team of chefs who served thousands overseas distinguished guests in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. These marvelous chefs have the honour to send you the unbelievable gluttonous feast. You are pleased to experience the absolutely honourable royal feast. Here is a bite of China. Beyond that, Asian Barbecure and Fushion Restaurant also provides multiple Asian cuisines, just brings your tongue to travel the Asia on the dinner table.

Healthy life is not only a joy of spirit, but also a fit body. DYTCD knows the truth entirely. From treadmills to free weights, everything you need to get your heart pumping is available in hotel. DYTCD’s state-of-the-art workout facilities await. During the every second of the exercise time, you are surrounding by a fabulous landscape, and you can hear the birds’ whisper, smell the taste of flowers, with a little bit of imagine, the original world is right before your eyes. A elegant travel it not so?

Early in the morning, after enjoying the tasty Cappuccino and patisserie in the Hou Jie KZ PATISSERIE, the wonderland atmosphere which MGM usually used is brought from Las Vegas to here by the sweet KZ Chocolate Shop, having a cosy walk is like wondering in the fairyland. Following the blue slab trail, and walking along the Kuanzhai Alley, you will have fully feeling of the old streets and the folk culture in Chengdu. You may think you are not a traveler, and you belong to here. Do not be surprise, this is how it is going.

If you are chasing the royal Chinese cuisine, if you are falling in love with Chinese ‘natural’ landscape, DYTCD is waiting for a lovely dating like a comme amour with you.

在充满古朴风情的宽窄巷子的深处,隐匿着一家风格独特的酒店。她交通便 利,四通八达,距离双流机场不过短短25分钟的车程,但是却有着与繁华都市 不一样的别致情调,憩息于此,仿佛能经历时空穿越一般。她便是成都钓鱼台 精品酒店。

酒店由300年历史的民居改建而成,所有设施设计出自法国殿堂级大师Bruno Moinard。45间外交级客房的设计独特,每一间客房都有属于自己的庭院景观和 特色布局,逃离被过度复制的都市景观,房内的优雅设施带给您的是舒适、时 尚的居住体验,窗外的世外桃源带给您的是脱俗的清新,是独具匠心的风雅, 是寻找自我的心灵栖息地。

在心灵得到慰籍之余,舌尖的蠢蠢欲动好似在寻找这座美食之都的精粹。作为 钓鱼台美高梅酒店集团旗下全球首家“钓鱼台精品”品牌酒店,这里提供的美食 均出自于曾服务上千位各国贵宾的北京钓鱼台国宾馆厨师团队。他们将为您奉 上难以置信的饕餮盛宴,体验尊贵至极的国宴待遇。舌尖上的中国在此荟萃, 此外,亚洲风尚餐厅还将提供来自亚洲各地的美食,让您的舌头走遍全亚洲。

健康的生活不仅仅是心灵的愉悦,更是强健的体魄。成都钓鱼台精品酒店深谙 此理,酒店内配备有先进的健身器材,那些妙不可言的山水景色散落在锻炼的每时每刻,何尝不是一场优雅的旅行。

清晨,从睡梦中清醒,在KZ PATISSERIE逅街甜品和中享用完香醇的卡布奇诺 和美味的法式甜点,KZ主题巧克力店将美高梅擅长的梦幻乐园元素秒趣从拉斯 维加斯带到这里,来一次惬意的散步简直就如同漫游在仙境中一样。沿着蓝色 小道,游走在宽窄巷子间,感受古老街景,体验成都民俗文化,您会发现,一 切都发生得太过自然,如同在家乡一般。

如果您追随陆游的“鲈肥菰脆调羹美”,如果您热爱苏轼的“山色空蒙雨亦奇”, 成都钓鱼台在宽窄巷子的深处期待与您来一场秋日私语般的邂逅。

The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu
Address: 38 – 39 Kuan Alley, Qingyang District, Chengdu Tel:+8628 6625 9999

成都钓鱼台精品酒店 地址:成都市青羊区宽巷子38 – 39号 电话:+8628 6625 9999

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