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Being a Traveler While Managing Hotel 梦想旅行的酒店经理人

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Chris Roberts, an Austrian who was born in London, lives in China for almost nine years. Chris is general manager of Doubletree by Hilton Guangzhou. Twenty years now working with Hilton Worldwide, having started his career as a humble bar tender and waiter.

Being a general manager in the most famous Hilton Worldwide hotel brand, Chris always said that his parents were travel lovers, and he was born while his parents were traveling in London. “I think I am born to travel.” He quipped. His parents’ lifestyle influences Chris deep enough to expect to feel new lives every day.

Promoting from a bar tenner to a general manager, his career progress just likes a trip. Chris experienced some important growth stages in career life. Every person complained the job from time to time because of the different positions, even their jobs are not even related. Chris complained also. But when he is in an awkwardcircumstance, he faces the challenges and works even harder than before, and always prepares for seeking another opportunity, not like the others, they quit and give up. “Once you have a dream, never ever give up.You could have everything that you expect. My secret of success is no more simple than this.” When Chris shared his experience, he said, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. What matters is how many times you stand up and try again. I always remember this.”

For Chris, working is not only a part of career, but also a portion of travel life. During the time in China, he treats work as working holiday. After living five year in Beijing, he worked in Guangzhou instead. He had a real culture shock between the northern and southern China. He loves the weather in Beijing, he enjoys the Olympic atmosphere, Chinese traditional culture and Chinese history. Meanwhile, he also falls in love with the casual lifestyle, the kindness local people and the delicious Dim Sum in Guangzhou.

Except the working holiday, Chris bears work in mind constantly while having real holiday. When traveling the world, one of his hobbit is experiencing the new hotels. Young and fashionable hotels always are his first choice, and this is the same principle and demand he asked for the Doubletree by Hilton Guangzhou. “This is why that we give the best and kindest service for guests, and we enjoy working here with our guests as well.” the He said with pride.

Speaking of the group of Chinese guests, Chris spoke very highly of the speed. He thought that this was why increasingly hotels were starting to pay attention on the service for Chinese guests particularly. Such as the language service, tea service and dietary habit, etc. Hilton in other countries makes several special changes for Chinese guests indeed. Doubletree as the growing brand in hotel group, Chris hopes that it can grow to be a representative of those which hotels contain entertainment and service. Like what Chris said, “Guests will feel the differences unconsciously, when we take care of every detail in their daily life. This is why I am so proud of my team in Doubletree by Hilton Guangzhou, and there is no reason for us that we cannot get the beautiful complement from our guests.”



Q:As a professional hotel management leader, how are you going to choose the hotel during the travelling in different countries? In addition, what kind of elements will you pay attention to in different hotels?

A:When I travel, I like to experience different places, so naturally I like to try different hotels too, it’s always nice to enjoy a new hotel. Generally I like to stay in younger and more energetic hotels where there is an acute sense of customer focus. Somehow very similar to the service that Doubletree by Hilton offers, and where the team members can have some fun with the customers.

Q:What kind of your expectations for Doubletree by Hilton in the future?

A:Doubletree is now one of the fasted growing hotel brands in the world today, so I expect the brand to continue developing in China and all throughout the world.

I think Doubletree by Hilton is really a fun hotel that still offers all the fine service and facilities that you can expect of all the leading international branded hotels, but its ‘where the little things mean everything’ that Doubletree by Hilton really sets itself apart from others. The focus and energy that we place onto creating small experiences for the guests everyday is fantastic, and that what makes me proud to work for Doubletree and with our team.

I am looking forward to our successful open here with Doubletree by Hilton Guangzhou!


Chris Roberts,出生于英国伦敦的澳大利亚人,目前已在中国工作和生活近九年,现任广 州希尔顿逸林酒店总经理。从调酒师和服务生逐渐晋升成为酒店总经理的他,至今已为希 尔顿酒店集团效力二十年。

身为全球最负盛誉的希尔顿品牌酒店总经理,Chris Roberts每每提到他的出生,总会 笑着提到他那对热爱暴走世界各地的父母是在伦敦度假时带他降临人世,难怪他一直会打 趣说:“我觉得我生来就是为了旅行的。”父母对于他的旅行人生观影响至深,让他每一天 都期待感受与从前不同的人生新体验。

从调酒师和服务生到酒店总经理职位的一路晋升,他的职业道路也如旅行一般,经历 过了几个于他而言极其重要的职业成长阶段。尽管每个人职业生涯都有所不同,但是每个 人都曾因工作职位的不同而感到忿忿不平,Chris也不例外。不过他对于陷入尴尬处境的 处理方式却与他人有所不同,当多数人都选择甩手放弃时,他却逆风而上,比从前工作得 更努力,不断为争取下一次机会而作好准备。“我觉得我成功的秘密再简单不过,永远以 最积极和热衷的态度去对待你所做的事,总得体验一下逆来顺受。只要目标明确并且不要 轻易放弃,你总可以抓住你本期待获得的一切。”Chris在分享他的职业经验时说,“我一 直记得之前曾经读到的一句话:摔倒多少次并不重要,重要的是你如何重新站起来。”

对于他而言,工作固然是职业成长的过程,却也是他旅行生活的重要部分。在中国生 活的这些年,他一直以“度假式工作”的态度来看待。在北京工作和生活五年以后,被派驻 广州,南北两地的文化差异更让他有点应接不暇。他爱北京的大气,切身体验奥运气氛, 感受中国深厚的文化和历史底蕴;他也爱广州轻松自在的生活方式、口味清淡又鲜美至极 的早茶点心,还有当地发自内心友好待人的氛围。

除了度假式工作之外,Chris在真正度假时对工作也还是念念不忘。在世界各地旅行 时,体验各地新酒店已经成为他的一大嗜好。风格年轻且充满活力的酒店总会是他的首 选,这也是他将广州希尔顿逸林酒店定位在相似层面上的原因之一。他很自豪地说:“除 了贴心的服务之外,这也是我们的员工能够与客人一起享乐其中的原因。”

提及酒店的中国客人群体,Chris大赞其在全球范围内的速度之快令人叹为观止,所 以越来越多的酒店开始注重对于中国人的服务。譬如中文服务、茶水、早餐和更多饮食习 惯等。希尔顿酒店在世界各地的其它酒店甚至专门为此做过相关调整。希尔顿逸林作为酒 店集团中正在迅速成长的品牌之一,他更希望它能成长成为集趣味和服务至上为一身的代言者。正如Chris所说:“我们将服务的细节深入至客人日常生活所需的每个细微体验当 中,客人总会在不知不觉中感受与众不同。这正是我为我的广州希尔顿逸林酒店团队感到 特别自豪的理由,能收获客人的美好赞誉是我们的荣幸。”

Q&A: 1.

Q:作为专业的酒店管理人士,您在每个国家旅行的时候如何选择酒店?又会在不同的酒 店去特别关注他们的哪些管理细节?

A:当我旅行的时候,我喜欢体验不同的地方,入住不同的酒店。通常我会选择入住于较 年轻有活力的酒店,这些酒店也较。 这和希尔顿逸林所提供的服务很相似,团队成员和客 人之间也会有很多互动的乐趣。


Q: 您对于广州Doubletree by Hilton酒店的未来有着怎样的预期?

A:逸林品牌是目前世界上发展较快的品牌之一,所以我很希望这个品牌可以继续在中国 乃至全球有一个很好的发展。

作为一所国际领先的品牌酒店,希尔顿逸林酒店能为客人提供国际一流水准的所有服务和 设施,但“细节决定成败”的理念是希尔顿逸林酒店能屹立于行业领先地位的致胜法宝。我 们对细节的重视和付出的精力让客人每天都能拥有美妙的感觉,我为能在这样的团队工作 而感到骄傲。


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