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In the blink of an eye, several holidays will coming to visit us. Why don’t we take the chances to relax and enjoy the prodigious nature. One of the best ways to drive stress away is going to a hot spring. Hot spring is a kind of geothermally heated natural spring with a water temperature 5°C or more above its surroundings. The warm water is heated by hot rocks inside the earth’s crust. There are many famous hot spring in China. If you want to fully enjoy the cozy of hot spring, the following should not be ignored.

Northern Hotsprings Park, Bei Bei District, Chongqing

Northern Hotsprings Park is located in Bei Bei District, Chongqing. It is about 50 kilometers from the city center and it takes only an hour’s drive. The original park, built in 423, has almost 1600 years. They rebuilt the park in 1432. The park lies at the foot of Jinyun Mountain on the north of the Jialing River. It is Chongqing’s foremost park. There are ten hot springs in the park and the temperature of the water is a constant 35 C-37C. The water contains alkali minerals that are considered as having beneficial medicinal properties for skins, arthrosis, intestines and stomach,etc. The warm water offers an excellent way to relax from the stresses of day to day existence. Here, you can enjoy a fantastic scenic spot including archaic temples, verdurous hills, easeful hot springs, mysterious caves and much else besides.
Ting Xi Hotsprings, Tong An District, Xiamen

Ting Xi Town is a small and peaceful town in Tong An District, and it takes only less than 1 hour to Ting Xi Hotsprings. This town has the greatest and unique geothermal resources in south Fujian Province, and has quiet and secluded sceneries which can not find in the bustling city center. Therefore, Ting Xi hotsprings is the best place for the city dwellers to get close to our mother earth. This hot spring has a thousands year’s history of hot spring. The experts of geothermics identified that Ting Xi hot spring is the king of hot spring, because it has the best spring water–neutral metasilicate water. This kind of water has effects for scapulohumeral periarthritis and lumbar muscle strain.

Special Deals:

Trithorn Hotspring Resort Xiamen
Starting from RMB 999/two persons: deluxe Spa room, breakfast buffet, hotspring tickets for two & set dinner for two.
Tang Shan Hotsprings, Nanjing

Tang Shan is a town in Jiangsu Province, which is famous by the best hot spring in China. This town has more than 1500 years. The name ‘Tang’ means hot spring, and ‘Shan’ means mountain. So the town is actually named for the hotsprings. Most of the hotsprings are located in the east and southeast of Tang Shan town. The water yield is more than ten
thousand tons per day in this little town. Since the whole town is surrounding by hotsprings, various hotsprings resorts you can choose. It takes only 30 minutes from Nanjing railway station to the Tang Shan town.

Special Deals:

Fairmont Nanjing – A Haven of Understated Elegance
The only one place to experience true luxury in Nanjing. Staying in deluxe city view room, enjoying the complimentary breakfast for up to two guests and 30% discount at all food and beverage outlets with only RMB 888/night (net price). Valid till February 28th, 2014.

The tenderness of China, Suzhou & Wuxi

Suzhou is located in the centre of the Yangtze Delta, in the south of Jiangsu Province, and Wuxi is her neighbor, borders Suzhou to the east. Unlike the Grand and magnificent of royal gardens in Beijing, Suzhou gardens are delicate and pretty. There are more than 60 gardens are kept intact in the city, the famous ones are the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Garden of Master of Nets. Speaking of the neighbor Wuxi, with a splendid history of over three thousands years, Wuxi claims to be “the Pearl of Tai Lake”. We strongly recommend you to go boating on the Tai Lake, lying on the boat and watching the sunset, you can be a Chinese poet probably. Feeling the tenderness of Chinese traditional culture, you just can not forget these venues.

Special Deals:

Kempinski Hotel Suzhou – Exclusive Hot Spring Break
Discover the dazzling winter charm of Suzhou and enjoy a visit to an exclusive Hot Spring, in combination with a luxurious stay at Kempinski Hotel Suzhou. Starting as from RMB 1,388net per night, you can enjoy one night stay in a spacious, deluxe golf room, including daily breakfast for two adults, a visit for two at the Suzhou Huanxiu hot spring resorts. Available until February 28th, 2014.

Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou
From now till February 28th 2014, an attractive room rate at RMB 788 net for Deluxe Family Room. It includes welcome fruits and drink, free internet access and Wi-Fi, late check out till 14:00pm, and two tickets of Ferris wheel entire theme park.

Heaven on Earth, Hangzhou 
Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and its political, economic and cultural centre. Because of the natural beauty scenes and a large number of cultural heritages, Hangzhou is known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and one of China’s most important tourist venues. Since the city is based around the West Lake, a vast body of water surrounded by green trees and filled with historic man-made islets and bridges. The most casual and cozy way to look the city is riding a bicycle around the West Lake. Enjoying the harmony of modern and ancient, nature and human. Another thing you can not miss is Hangzhou cuisine. It belongs to Zhejiang cuisine, one of the Eight major cuisines in China. All the dishes are well- prepared, light and tasty, closely related to the local culture and characterized by natural flavor.

Special Deals:
Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou
Landison Longjing Resort is present a warm gift for your winter journey. Superior room, starting from RMB1,150net per room night; deluxe room, starting from RMB1,350net per room night. Warm gift including: hotel vouchers valued at RMB200 per day to be used at F&B and Spa (Except alcoholic drinks & cigarette); 20% discount on spa treatments, etc. Valid till February 28th, 2014.

Chang Bai Mountain Hotsprings, Northeast of China

Chang Bai Mountain located in the northeast of China is a dormant volcano. The last time eruption is just 290 years from now, so the heat from the inside still can flow out of the mountain. This phenomenon forms dozens of hot spring just beside the Chang Bai waterfall. The most interesting characteristic is that the spring water contains a lot of gas, then the bubbles from the button of the hotsprings will roll up, like the boiling water. When you step into the pool, you may be thrilling before you really get in. So-called ‘cold spring’ is another feature in Chang Bai Mountain hot spring. This kind of springs is hot spring essentially, but sometimes, a stream of cold water will come to you unconsciously, of course, this will make you shiver immediately.Last but not least, the medicinal values are unbelievable precious.

Xiao Tang Shan Hotsprings, Beijing

Not far from our current capital–Beijing, there is a ‘royal’ hotsprings town, named Xiao Tang Shan. In the Yuan Dynasty, the ancients called it ‘Saint Spring’, down to Qing Dynasty, the emperor Kangxi and Qianlong, both of them built royal villas here, fortunately, the historical sites are still in Xiao Tang Shan. Unlike the other hotsprings, this hot spring town has witnessed thousands years of royal history, lying down in this palace, you can enjoy the natural beauty and cultural charm at the same time.


眨眼间,许多节日接踵而至。是时候放下一切重担去享受生活, 享受自然了。去除身心疲劳的最佳办法很多,泡温泉当属最惬意的 一种。温泉是一种由地下自然涌出的泉水,其水温高于环境年平均 温5°C。温暖的温泉水是由地壳中的岩石引热而成。中国内地有很多 非常著名的温泉胜地。如果您希望放肆地与温泉玩耍,下面的这些 温泉景点绝对不能错过。

北碚温泉公园位于重庆市北碚区。距离市区50公里,驱车只需一 小时。最初的北碚公园建于423年,距今1600多年,之后人们在1432 年将其重建。北碚公园在缙云山脚下,北临嘉陵江,是重庆最重要 的温泉景点。公园中一共十处不同的泉眼,温泉的温度都维持在 35°C至37°C。泉水中包含很多矿物质,这些矿物质对皮肤、关节、 肠胃都有不同的神奇功效。温泉能带给您最舒适的体验,让您忘却 日日夜夜的辛劳。在这里,您不仅能泡温泉,还能观赏到古朴的寺 庙、青葱的山林和神秘幽静的岩洞。

汀溪是同安区的一个小镇,车程不到一个小时便可到达汀溪温 泉。汀溪镇在闽南地区鼎鼎有名,也是仅有的含有丰富地热资源的 小镇。这里有喧闹的城市里看不到也触不到的宁静和淳朴。因此, 对于都市人来说,汀溪温泉小镇可以说是怀抱大自然的最佳去处。 这里的温泉都有着上千年的历史。地热学专家们鉴定认为汀溪温泉 是“温泉之王”,因为她的温泉是极佳的中性硅酸盐泉水。这种泉水 对肩周炎和腰肌劳损有着非常神奇的疗效。

RMB 999元起/双人,包含豪华温泉房、双早餐、温泉门票两张及西 餐厅中式套餐两份。

汤山是江苏省的一个小镇,因温泉而出名。这种小镇有着一千五 百年的历史,这里的是“汤”是温泉的意思,所以小镇的名字就是以 温泉而命名,可见其知名程度。汤山镇大多数的温泉都集中在东面 和东南面。汤山温泉每天的泉水吞吐量超过万吨,令人难以置信。 因为小镇被温泉包围,温泉度假村在这里就非常流行,您到了以后 可以按照喜好任意挑选。从南京火车站到汤山镇大约三十分车程。

人民币888净价/晚,可入住豪华房一晚、次日双人早餐、餐饮消费 七折优惠。一起开启卓越的奢华之旅。有效期至2014年2月28日止。

苏州市是长江三角洲的中心,位于江苏省的南部,西面毗邻无锡 市。有别于北京恢弘大气的皇家园林,苏州园林以典雅精致著称。 在不大的苏州市里有超过60座园林,其中最负盛名的是拙政园、留 园、网师园。说到邻居——无锡市,就不得不提其浩浩荡荡三千年的历史,无锡被赞誉为“太湖明珠”。我们倾心推荐您泛舟于太湖 上,慵懒地躺在船尾,静幽幽地欣赏太阳西下的美景,此刻,您定 能体会什么叫“不会作诗也会吟”。苏州、无锡,让您感受当代中国 柔情似水的一面。

苏州金鸡湖凯宾斯基大酒店 – ⼀一汤⼀一池解千愁
一汤一池,蒸发着沁人心脾的暖暖情绪,加入凯宾斯基倾情打造的 冬日温泉度假之旅。仅需人民币1388元净价,即可入住豪华高尔夫 景房一晚含次日双早及2张环秀晓筑温泉门票。有效期至2014年2月 28日。

隆冬到来之际,苏州维景为您打造冬日暖心特惠包价,仅需净价788 元/间/晚,即可赠送怡景吧欢迎饮料,房内免费宽带及WIFI,以及 赠送两张苏州摩天轮主题公园的门票。有效期至:2013年12月1 日-2014年2月28日。

杭州市不仅是浙江省的省会,还是浙江省的政治、经济、文化中 心。凭借优美的自然环境和数不清的文化遗址,“人间天堂”是人尽 皆知的对杭州的赞美,作为中国最知名的旅游城市,绝非浪得虚 名。杭州城依西湖而建,湖边绿树环绕,更有供百姓赏游的堤坝和 小桥。来到西湖,租一辆自行车,来一次环湖骑行,收获的不单单 是“曲苑临风近柳荷”的美景,还有“身如菩提树,心似明镜台”的清 幽平静。抛开所有杂念,享受现代与古典,人与自然的和谐相处。 来到杭州,另一项不能忽视的就是杭州菜,中国八大菜系之浙菜的 一种,所有的菜肴都是精心烹饪,清淡可口,传统且自然。

坐在青山绿树包围的庄园内,享受着温暖的茶香,龙井庄园在寒冷 的冬季献上一份暖心之礼。高级房净价1,,150元/间·夜起;豪华房 净价1,350元/间·夜起。并奉上暖心之礼包括:两张价值100元的酒 店通用券,可用于酒店餐饮及SPA消费;SPA消费尊享8折等优惠。 (冬季包价有效期至2014年2月28日)

长白山是中国东北地区的一座休眠火山,上一次火山爆发距今仅二百九十年,所以火山内部的热量还能持续地向山体外溢出。这种 现象就导致在长白山瀑布周围出现了大大小小数十处温泉。长白山 温泉最特别的地方是,这里的泉水含有很多气泡,当那些气泡从温 泉底部涌出来时,就像烧开了的滚水一样。当您跳进温泉池时,还 以为自己成了“被煮的鸭子”。长白山温泉另一大特色是——冷温 泉。所谓“冷温泉”,就是指当您舒舒服服地泡着温泉时,会突然有 一股冷水逼近,让您措手不及,东北人戏称这叫“打摆子”。最后还 有不能无视的一点就是,长白山温泉的药用价值也是不容小觑的呢。


离首都北京城不远,有一个皇家温泉别院小镇,名叫“小汤山”。 元朝时期,小汤山温泉被称为“圣泉”,到了清朝,康熙五年,清廷 在小汤山修建了“汤泉行宫”,乾隆帝还曾留下了行宫听政的佳话。 值得庆幸的是,这些历史遗址都还保存在小汤山。与其他温泉景点 不同,小汤山温泉见证了中国皇家上千年的历史,沐浴在此,你不但能欣赏到自然风光,或许还能沾染到些许皇家气息。

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