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Blown Glassware 吹制玻璃器皿

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A special blown glassware will undoubtedly be the most unique gift in this festival season. In this 2013 winter, LEVANT ART presents a series of Bohemian glassware, which is still insisted on using the traditional blowing techniques by Czech blower in full accordance with the traditional shapes. Each vessel is worth appreciating carefully , because it embodies the centuries leading blowing feat. Even in the Czech Republic , it’s also rare to find the master blower who can complete such a complex process.

一款特色的吹制玻璃器皿无疑会是这个节日最具特色的礼物。阆 风艺术在这个冬季带来了一系列波希米亚玻璃器皿,均由如今的捷 克吹制玻璃工艺师完全按照传统的技艺和款式制作而成。每一款器 皿都值得仔细观赏,因为其中凝聚着数百年顶尖的吹制技艺。即便 在捷克,能完成如此复杂工艺的师傅也是寥寥可数。在欧洲也只在 博物馆中作为衍生品出售。

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