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Skin Care Products 护肤套装

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A set of skin care products with the functions of moisturizing and anti-wrinkling is the preferred gift for best friends or female friends in this winter. Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream Set of Shanghai Vive, including Intensive Regenerating Eye, Intensive Regenerating Toner and Intensive Regenerating Cream, contain the essence ingredients extracting from the rare truffle and magnolia by means of modern high technology, inegrating 5 functions of defense-update-energize-activate-repaire, achieving jade and beautiful skin which is smooth, hydrated, delicate, softer and elastic.

如果是送闺密或是女性朋友,一套既保湿又能抗皱的护肤品会是这个冬季的首选。雙妹玉容系列之顾盼生辉套装,含玉容眼霜、玉容液中样及玉容霜中样。 以珍稀松露与白玉兰精华,通过现代高科技手段萃取其菁华成分, “防御—更 新—赋能—激活—修护”五步一体,实现光、润、细、滑、弹的玉润美肌。

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