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If you wanna something more special to share with your friends in this festival season, then why don’t think about the festive hampers from Four Seasons Hotel, Pudong Shanghai? The Deluxe Hamper (RMB 1,888) including homemade Christmas Log Cake, 1 bottle of Champagne “Laurent Perrier” and homemade Macaroons Selection. Or the Glory Package (RMB 1,380).

或者想送些更丰富的节日礼物,与亲朋好友分享节日的喜悦,那不妨考虑浦东 四季酒店的节日礼篮:包含自制圣诞树根蛋糕、罗兰百悦香槟、自制马卡龙的 豪华礼篮(RMB1 ,888)又或者是浦东四季酒店FLARE水疗中心与法国娇兰 携手推出的娇雅礼盒(RMB 1,380)。在这里,总有一款适合他们的心仪礼 物。

FESTIVE HOTLINE 节日专线 CAMELIA: 86 (21) 20361300 Shang-Xi: 86 (21) 20361310 FLARE Spa: 86 (21) 20361380

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