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Enjoying in Heaven 悦赏湖畔天堂

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By Yanyun WangNINPH_P100---Hotel-Airview


Walking along the Dong Qian Lake, it is the view of primitive simplicity that the nature paints for you. Deep inside the forest, Park Haytt Ningbo is waiting for her guests peacefully. Surrounding with the hills and lake, Park Haytt seems stand in a Chinese painting who is telling a story of tranquil wonderland.

Park Haytt Ningbo is designed with the style of the ancient Chinese Jiangnan Villa conservative cultural characteristics. The hotel stretches from hill to hill, and the stream runs over the hotel, gray walls and white house fit into the nature, everything is born to be like this. The garden and courtyard imply the typical Chinese ancient architecture concept. The hotel is not just a single house. Park Haytt Ningbo belongs to the forest, once the guests are in forest, they are in Park Haytt Ningbo.

The inspiration of Fishing Harbour in Dong Qian Lake, which is the iconic restaurant, is from the ancient local culture. The meaning of it is to provide the freshest seafood for guests. Fishing Harbour in Dong Qian Lake is a very local restaurant with characteristic. The restaurant invites guests to enjoy the cooking progress for better understanding and tasting.

Tea House, seated in the center of hotel, is reconstructed by the archaic house which has more than 500 years of history. The house suffers a lot, but still has the beauty of grandiose. The rebuilding of this house is under instructing by Institute of Environmental Science, so it saved most of the original decoration well. Outside of the Tea House provides archaic tea set and models. After the noon, the guests can taste the special tea and western snacks. In the early evening, Tea House turns to be a fashion bar, where you can relax with a glass of cocktail or champagne.

The infinity pool with 26 meter long give the best view of Dong Qian Lake for you, moreover, the guests are welcomed to use the inside pool, fitness equipment, spa room and so on. Combined with the original five elements (fire, water, wood, mental and earth ) and natural culture, the hydrotherapy in Park Haytt Ningbo may help you to shape a balance state for your body and soul. Here is the place to feel the heart.







Park Haytt Ningbo
Address: 188 Dayan Rd, Dong Qian Lake, Yin Zhou District, Ningbo
Tel: +86574 2888 1234

电话:+86574 2888 1234

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