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Cooking at Home

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For those who wanna try cooking at home, we’ll teach you one Chinese cuisine and one Western-style cuisine respectively. Cooking for yourself, enjoy more fun!

Dish: Booming Spicy Fish

Chef: Max Zhao, from Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel
Background Information:
Max has a wealth of experience in the culinary industry for over 18 years working in various international branded hotels. Prior to joining Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, he was the Chinese Sous Chef of The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. Chongqing-native Zhao adds Sichuan flavor to some of the dishes and presented in new way. He has a unique perspective and is committed to present diners with the highest value of the dishes.

Main Ingredient: Longsnout catfish
Ingredients: Coprinus comatus, Shallot, home-made chili sauce


1. Scaled the fish and then removed the guts; cut into slices and pickled the fish; 2. Boiled the coprinus comatus and shallot quickly, then transfer to a pot;
3. Boiled the pickled fish 8 minutes;
4. Ladled the chili sauce on the top; dished out.


推荐厨师: 上海豫园万丽酒店–中餐行政主厨Max-赵勇

厨师背景介绍: 有着丰富的从业经验,来自四川重庆。17岁就开始了他的厨艺生涯,从炒锅到

川菜主管,到中厨厨师长成长为中餐行政副总厨,在超过15年的从业经验里, 在多家国际酒店集团的酒店积累了丰富餐饮从业经验,在此之前,他就任于上 海波特曼丽嘉酒店的中厨行政副总厨一职。


1. 白江团杀净改刀切片,腌制。
2. 鸡腿菇,葱段汆水后放入容器。
3. 腌制好的鱼片用水煮8分钟后备用。 4. 淋上麻辣料,装盘即可。

Dish: Home-made Fettuccine Pasta with BologneseSauce

Chef: Alessandro Alessi, from Hyatt Regency Chongqing Background Information:

Alessandro Alessi, born in Venice, Italy. He started his career from 20 years old, now works as chief chef in Market Café of Hyatt Regency Chongqing.

Main Ingredient:

Pasta Dough Recipe: 150g Flour
1 pc egg yolk
1 pc whole egg

3 g Salt
1 TBS Olive Oil

Bolognese Recipe:

100g minced Pork (salami, sausage, or Pancetta belly) 400g minced Beef meat (shoulder or rump)
50g Carrots / 50g Onion / 50g celery
5g Rosemary / 2g Sage / 1 bay leaf

15g Garlic / 1 glass red Wine
50g Butter / 50g Flour / 10g Salt / 3g Black pepper 500g Peeled Tomato sauce / 1 l Vegetable stock Procedure:

In a pot roast all vegetables with olive oil, herbs and Garlic. In a pan roast well the beef and pork together until dark brown. Add now the meat into the vegetable and stir few minutes by adding butter and Flour. Pour the red wine and let evaporate. Add the tomato sauce and stock and let simmer for 2 Hours. Season with Black Pepper and salt.


推荐厨师:重庆富力凯悦酒店– 咖啡厅厨师长Alessandro Alessi


Alessandro Alessi,意大利威尼斯人,自20岁便已开始其厨师生涯,目前于重庆 富力凯悦酒店任咖啡厅厨师长。

主料: 意大利面面团制作: 150克面粉
1 个蛋黄
1 只鸡蛋
3 克盐

1 瓶橄榄油
番茄肉酱面食谱: 100克绞肉(蒜味腊肠,香肠或者意式烟肉) 400克绞牛肉(牛肩肉或牛臀肉) 50克胡萝卜 / 50克洋葱/ 50克西芹
5克迷迭香/ 2克鼠尾草/ 1香叶
15克蒜/ 1 杯红酒
50克黄油/ 50克面粉/ 10克盐/ 3克黑胡椒 500克去皮蕃茄酱/ 1 升蔬菜汤


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